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  1. Did you like the community aspect? It was OK. My favourite events are ones where everyone is working towards the same goal individually, followed by large-scale community event such as this one, followed by anything competitive that pits us against one another. What was your favourite tile? I thought the majority of tiles were great, a few highlights: Santa's Speed Run - I like co-ordinating stuff like this. I was surprised at the lack of effort on this one, I feel like the fact that a pair counted as 1 point put a lot of people off. He's Making a List - Was fun to pick a list and work through it, custom lists are something I've always wanted to work on but never had time, so it felt nice to contribute 20% of a list and get this done. Ghosts of Backlog Future - Unique and will be beneficial in future should a Spring Clean-esque event show up again (it should). Mr. Scrooge's Secret Stash - Had a lot of fun with the Dash in the Olympics and a new fresh twist was interesting. The Perfect Tree - Again I am a sucker for planning, things like this and spelling I am in my element. The Naughty List - See above, although I didn't get to do any because everyone else got there so fast! What was your least favourite tile? I Saw Mommy Kissing Santaโ€™s Clubs - Deal breaker this one. The goal was too high for both the state the clubs are currently in, and the fact they were used in the same way during the Olympics. A Partridge in a Rare Tree - I am a person who views UR trophies as either requiring a large time investment, or the rest of the game was so shite that those trophies have inflated rarity. Neither of which appeal to me in the slightest. Holiday Shopping - Of all the misc tiles like this one, I always seem to have trouble with currency, I don't know why ๐Ÿคฃ Ghosts of Christmas Past - Again not the tile so much as the goal. A lot of older games for the first full month after PS5 was released. There's another tile I didn't like but I don't fancy an infraction. Did this event occurring during Christmas affect your ability to contribute? At the beginning, not really. I've been fortunate enough that my schedule has remained fairly normal over the year, so I was at work and gaming late at night like usual. However the last week or so, yes it did. I was off work and the kids were off school, and I wanted to spend time with them over the break. How much do you love Clubs? The relevance of clubs has been proportional to the popularity of this site as far as I can see. If we are to keep them around then they do need a revamp, I would probably move closer to the custom list model - introducing "DLC games". I'd suggest: - Not scrapping them all, instead ask everyone who already has a club (and is eligible for one) to make a new one. Make them 5 games only, I can't see a reason to allow 4 games. Allow all peripherals, consoles, whatever. - Every 6 months? 12 months? Allow the addition of one more game. You still need only 5 games to complete the club, though, like some of the custom lists which have 37 trophies or more, still only requiring 30 trophies for credit for completing the list. That way if there is one game blocking completion of the club (for example, The Last of Us for myself), now there's another way. And that's the basis of it, in a nutshell. It would require everyone to pull together to change the way they are now. How much more time do you reckon would be needed to get the full Blackout? Maybe 2 weeks. Not a QTE if that's what you're thinking ๐Ÿ˜ How many submissions do you think were made? 6927 Do you feel like the event benefited from the new forum software in any way? Tagging was a nice new benefit. I'm guessing the new forum software was detrimental too though for the EDs due to not being able to edit other posts than your own. Anything else you'd like to politely say to your ED crew regarding the event? As always, thanks for running these events for us. Events are my main motivation to trophy hunt these days! For what it's worth I had no problem understanding the rules, I just feel like they are made more ambiguous as the event goes on when people start tossing out random questions. And I know I might have been part of it with the whole "rock is a food" thing but I honestly feel if there was a Brit on the EDs what wouldn't have been a debate at all. I know it isn't possible to have every country represented in every aspect of the staff too though!
  2. Your Dirt 5 Guide needs loading onto the main site please so it can be swept by one of the Guide Team :).

  3. Episode 1 is definitely worth playing because it's a club game.
  4. I've done 6 now, all without a headset. We use Discord to discuss and aim for a specific time on timeanddate.com and try to pop them together. I still have a few to do so if you hit me up on there we can figure it out. morg106#0106
  5. Personally I just submitted everything I did yesterday. It was about getting 5000, there's no way I'm gonna think about whether any of them were toys or food. Both of those are easily doable with just a couple of people doing a couple of games (Strawberry vinegar for food, any POWGI with 'puzzle' in every description for toys). Otherwise there's gonna be a load of people hesitating over who gets which trophies counted for what, and we won't know whether we did the 5000 for a while. I'd say submit your stuff, get us over the 5000, and start concentrating on the real problems like unique plats/100%s on the various platforms, MP/Co-op trophies and in particular, club games.
  6. I'm sure I've been doing this all along ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I've got three games submitted for 30-60% whilst using their individual trophies for the custom list tile, food trophies etc. Glad I don't have to go back through and prioritise. I might be wrong but I'd be careful relying on starting at the same time, differences in hardware can make games run at different speeds, especially with the scene transitions you get in VNs. I know some Vita/PS4 stacks can run substantially better on PS4, even between my own two PS4s I notice differences in load times. Awesome on the submission, don't think you can use the trophy for MP/Co-op now you've used it for Free Space though.
  7. Just so everyone knows, I didn't submit 'rocks' I submitted 'rock' (twice). If you have been to the seaside in the UK, you will know what rock is. Or the British Again, not 'rocks', 'rock'... like you can get from this town
  8. I won't lie I struggled the last time this was suggested for something because I was burning myself out getting hundreds of trophies per hour while trying to figure out which trophies would get the best score in Scrabble ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm gonna go ahead and start popping some for our second attempt, at least there's like 4x the people with us this time.
  9. I still maintain that Tuff's Let's Get Moist Mixtape is the best list for this, there are 37 trophies to choose from and we only need 30 - I would say that around 25-30 of them qualify as ezpz, with the rest being games that people might choose to play regardless. I've added the list to the spreadsheet, if nobody is on board though then feel free to remove it. Edit: also I think it's one of the more recent lists so not a lot of older stuff to go back to either.
  10. I don't think I actually signed up for this as one of the stipulations was to have a profile pic, so i did what I usually do, put my pic on and then got distracted and never posted! Is it too late?
  11. Haha I was just thinking, don't let Jerry see this! For the custom list tile the easiest list (aside from the BaCL ones already mentioned) is probably Tuff's Moist Mixtape. Personally there's probably about 10 trophies on it I could do, if you guys wanted to chip in.
  12. until

    PSN: morg106 Attendee #69 ๐Ÿ˜
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