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  1. A month late, but thanks, Slamma. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  2. @Darth_Krid So you were right in that your records held up, but after crunching some numbers, this is what I came up with: -Both our teams earned enough trophies to take 3rd and 4th place in the single season list. As for me specifically, these are the spots I snagged: -4th best indivdual season -3rd best platinum output in a season -3rd place in all time trophies earned through all THL events -2nd place (to you) all time platinums earned through all THL events Now I know it comes with some caveats because of certain factors. But i think despite some of the easier games, the fact that we couldn't stack is equal to the era when you could stack the Rats. I'm sure that if another THL happens, these numbers will probably fall off but I'll take them while I can!
  3. I know this is a very old thread. But I wanted to point out that our man, Noid, is still going strong in his 9th year helping children through the Extra Life program. Here is a link if you would like to make a donation: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/douglasglover To be transparent, I barely know Noid except through this site and Extra Life. He did not ask me to post this but I am all for great causes that come from our community here as well as anywhere that helps our world. also, if anyone else is participating, please share your links! Thank you!
  4. Good luck, this year, with your Extra Life goals. Thanks for stepping up when many others don't!

    1. Noid


      Appreciate that bud! <3

  5. Don't come in here with this gibberish after the passed two weeks.
  6. Pretty much this. There were several days where I went light because it seemed like no one else was really interested. But that's a me problem more than a them problem. I guess we'll see what the final results are. Thanks to my team, all the other teams, the site for the event, and last of all, Krid for cheering me on!
  7. Might I recommend Crysis 2? I got hit with that glitch and it still chaps my ass to this day.
  8. You can have it. I'm tired. I want to actually enjoy my weekend.
  9. I didn't believe you were baiting. I believe your feelings are genuine. It just sucked because who knows if this opportunity will come around again and the fun factor. I agree with much of what you said . This THL definitely is the most different out of all the ones we've done. And that our team is going ham while everyone else for the most is just doing their thing (Which is okay) If in the end, we do come out on top, it won't be a hollow victory necessarily. But it will definitely be different than the past. Anyway, not really trying to start a beef. I just felt a way and then expressed it. Which is one of my personality traits!
  10. That's fair because everyone will have a different opinion or interpretation. Some of that is potentially accurate as well. But it begs the question, do you guys then just come back to post just to make fun of the site (not members, the site itself) and if that is the case, why come back at all just to post that? Unless, maybe there is particular animosity towards a specific being that you are trying to get back at. I know I said you a lot, but you as a generalization, not specifically that you are the culprit
  11. We get it. You're the king of the whoring mountain. But that doesn't mean you have to keep diminishing everyone else's accomplishments and enjoyment. And before you post the, "That's not what I'm doing." take a look back and just see how condescending you sound. I'm sorry you weren't able to go full bore this time because real life is a thing. I'm just trying to have some fun with it because THL is not very often and it's the only event I truly like to do. You can see I don't really do many EZ in my regular game time. It's fun to run them down and see how many can be knocked out within a set time frame. In 3 or 4 years when another THL happens, you can go for your crown again. Hell, there's 11 days left, you can probably still get it this THL if you try.
  12. Blame your partner in crime, Easty. You'd think an ED would remember the rules. 😂
  13. Thanks for the clarification. Fortunately, I completed both prior to adding to the list.
  14. I added to the spreadsheet but guess I'm supposed to post here as well. Awesome Pea Awesome Pea 2
  15. Just a quick question. Will we be submitting trophies or will you all just be tracking. I only ask because if I do an easy game, I'm likely to do the stacks at the same time just to get them over with, not to inflate event totals. Also, just for clarity, it's just limited to player and not team. Like if I complete Star Ocean and another player on my team also does, do they both count or only one of them?
  16. I voted for 2 lol Also, in a response to one of the prior posters, I would suggest banning specific publishers rather than limiting rarity. Just a thought. For those suggesting point scales for trophies, in theory it seems like a decent idea but that would make the ED'S have to do do much extra work. They'd have to scrutinize every trophy and what happens it the rarity changes mid event?
  17. So all these years later, after providing all those updates, I just now finally finished the platinum. Granted, I finished all 3 stacks at the same time at least. But they're finally done following your guide!
  18. Same to you, V. Thanks for your hard work and have a great holiday!
  19. Yeah, I feel like even though the tiles won't reflect it, I murdered more animated objects than anybody this event!
  20. Can we confirm we hit the 5K. I have trophies I can submit but won't waste my time if it's unnecessary.
  21. I can submit the following platinums: Destiny 2 Rainbow 6 Siege Shadow of Mordor Before I put them in just plain jane unique platinum tile, can they be better used in another tile such as a club? Thanks.
  22. I'm glad you posted this. I was coming here to ask the same.
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