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  1. Need both of the friend trophies. PSN: Kiebin
  2. Looking to boost Pro Clubs and Online Friendlies season trophies PSN: Kiebin
  3. Looking to get the Pro Club trophies PSN: Kiebin
  4. I had previous doubles wins on the grimoire card. So I think it started fresh? PSN is same as my name here 15/25 now.
  5. My Doubles progress popped up last night: 5/25 wins. I'll play more matches today and see what happens.
  6. Trials Lighthouse: 320 The Water Star (Adept) Emblem and some motes of light I've never had so many matches end in 5-4. This new matchmaking is intense.
  7. Luck in the Chamber on Sniper Rifles is the new FR Efrideets. Fuck that shit, you should be rewarded for popping headshots, not shooting someones toe.
  8. Sunsinger with sticky nades
  9. Solo'ed the Nightfall. Got a 281 Auto Rifle. I'm really contemplating not doing NFs until the buff returns.
  10. Renown increases exponentially when you get streaks. Also, the kills don't have to be with TLW, so just equip it and play with a secondary you like. Also, try the classic 6v6 playlist. There's a lot of lower skilled players in that list, should makemit easier to chain kills.
  11. Is it possible to return to free-roam when you initiate the Knightfall Protocol? I still need to do some misc trophies and I want to be sure.
  12. Yeah, that's what I did. Still ridiculous though, but at least it worked. Thanks
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