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    I get trophies for fun!!
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    Port Orchard,WA
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    Video games, family and cars in no particular order!
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    US Military

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  1. Just got this send an FR and we'll work out a time. PSN: chucknorris078.
  2. Hey I picked the game up and will boost with you. I read that you can lock the room and one mode is deathmatch so I would assume 2 people can play it. Send me a FR. Chucknorris078
  3. Is anyone still doing the hitch hiker to the center? I could use an assist if possible. PSN: Chucknorris078
  4. Happy Birthday Chuck :D

  5. Yeah I platted this shortly after I finished the video... if you read the notes on the youtube video it says which ones I missed.
  6. Looking for a partner for this. I'm Pacific time. Send me a FR with a way out in the subject. Chucknorris078
  7. All right everyone here is another game that has little to know info on it but is a very fun PSVR experience. Enjoy my walkthrough and my corny jokes. ;-) [ame] [/ame]
  8. Okay decided to do another one on a game that doesnt have much info online. My video keeps kicking me offline as I record but it's not too distracting. Hope this helps. [ame] [/ame]
  9. yep... get all bodies for good ending and miss any for regular. Oh and watch all credits could be missable as well.
  10. only real missables are the lights and bodies... the rest is too easy to miss or is story. You have to play through twice... once for get all bodies ending and for missing bodies... although you could make a back up save before grabbing the last body in the sewer area then replay that to save time.
  11. Yeah its not that bad if you explore a little. I recommend it for a good one playthrough game as the graphics are pretty good in VR.
  12. Hey guys there is absolutely nothing online for this game so I decided to do a 100% walkthrough. It was a live video so it is unedited. Hope this helps. [ame] [/ame]
  13. This game is not easy. I'll start there. As a veteran souls player I figured it couldn't be that bad. The whole game is defined by one point in the whole game and I hope the developers see this. One fight that consists of 12 golem type baddies that have a ton of health and ridiculous attack range. What a poor design this is is... and did I mention its not even the final boss. He/she is supposedly easy. I've been looking at the steam forum and it seems I'm not the only one with this complaint and the developers supposedly made it easier on PC... did this get patched into the PS4 version?
  14. I know that. I'm talking about the downloaded games on my external hard drive... are those tide the same way. Is there anything that is saved on the local hardrive that if I restore the system that will cause those games not to work and make me re-download 200 plus games?
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