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  1. Have a clan of about 40 members. A lot of them are sleeping atm. We are a PVE clan who do all our raids and milestones every week. We complete all clan engrams. Need a few more members to raid with and grind with.
  2. Mine got reset twice. So I grinded out to 20 in 1 sitting. Love the game. Didn’t enjoy the mp at all.
  3. I did that with a buddy stressed free in 10 seconds. Message me if you see me on and we’ll get it quickly for you
  4. Use polo grounds. Every hit is a triple or inside the park homer.
  5. It’s only been out for 24 hours. That’s why. I only have RTTS trophies left. Had 80% in 2 hours. I’m going to take my time with it though instead of simming it. You can achieve this plat in less than 10 hours if you wanted too.
  6. https://www.exophase.com/game/mlb-the-show-18-psn/trophies/ Looks really easy. Hopefully I didn’t jinx it. No diamond dynasty which is surprising although I will be doing everything possible to unlock babe Ruth. Mods if you can move this to mlb the show 18 thread when it opens.
  7. Prime icon Gullit was leaked as coming out today. Those leaks are usually 50/50. I really hope it’s true. He’s a top 3 card.
  8. Surgical strikes glitched on me as well. Anyone know of a work around?? Edit: don’t know if this is the fastest way to pop it but I did New game plus. Set it to easy. Turned off enemy auto level to make it quick. Did the first couple missions of new game plus till your allowed to leave Siwa which is the requirement for the dlc. Used atlas on my map to go to the dlc. Did the fist 3 missions and it popped.
  9. And after 7 strikes when you have a nameless Midnight on each character what do you do? :think: I’m hoping tomorrow patch they will make things better. After 1000s of hours in D1 I was done with D2 in 3 weeks. Hoping things improve.
  10. Yesterday SBC marque matchup packs gave me a dyabala. Sold him instantly for 340k profit. I was so happy. Decided to drop a 20 on fifa points to see my luck. And I packed a pogba. Almost cried from my excitement. Always thought pogba and Aguero were out of my league and that changed overnight.
  11. It’s 8pm eastern Sunday night. GMT-5. That seems to be the reset for the app daily reward as well.
  12. Has anyone that completed the keep the kits in FIFA 17 receive them yet or did mine not count?
  13. Is this game out today if we pre ordered that special edition or whatever it's called or is that Xbox only? I forgot to pre download it and check the time remaining.
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