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  1. Looking for 1-2 dedicated players for a few things. 1. Looking for 1-2 players for CM3 and CM4, have a partner already and have completed CM2 so we know what we're doing. We're both lvl 100+ 2. Looking for 2 players that want to do the OG masterminds, meaning all lester heist in order, same team, on hard, without dying for the 10 mil bonus. If interested hit me up. Both of these need dedicated people who want to knock it out quickly and play daily. Psn is TheLowestKey
  2. Looking for a partner to help with online trophies. Hit me up, lokey2
  3. Not zombies, but need help boosting the party games and combat training. The online is dead. Psn is lokey2
  4. In case anyone was considering buying a new copy...dont. can confirm the VIP pass is no longer redeemable even with new copies.
  5. Just bought the DLCs and still need some of the bar game trophies. Msg me on one lokey2. EDIT: Mainly focused on the EE for the base game, plus DLCs so I can get the trophy for salvation. If this message is still here, I'm still trying to get it.
  6. Definitely interested. What was said-problem?
  7. With the pass being delisted, is it still required for platinum? I know online access has always been accessible, mainly asking about the credits.
  8. Coming back to the game after a while. Psn is lokey2
  9. Hi there. Trying to get a large group together for the war party trophy. If interested msg me TheLowestKey
  10. The idea is to have meaningful posts that contribute to discussion/growth of the forum
  11. I'm about to start this game for the first time. I'll need help eventually with the trophies. If you see this, feel free to add me just let me know what its for. Psn is TheLowestKey
  12. Avatar/Signature: Both please! Text: TheLowestKey Render/Image: Something from the Resident Evil 3 remake please Size: Whatever looks best Thanks!
  13. I couldnt bring myself to grind out the last 3 I need for the 10 award, but still...thanks for the fun event. Hope to participate in more soon.
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