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  1. Sup kiddo wassup

  2. Indeed the developers made it seem like 40km but in reality it is 40000km. From what I have read it will be about a 90 day grind if you want to get the trophy, would be okay if there was more substance in the game. While it has been fun it feels unfinished and there is not a lot of replay value as a whole.
  3. I agree, the biggest difference between one and two is that you had to plan what you were doing rather than just hacking and slashing. The darts that drop from the ceiling were a bit annoying, but would definitely play a third if they made it!
  4. It would be nice if we got to see some more courses some time soon, and I wish they did it like you see some publishers do. Have specific trophies to be earned for each new course, kind of like Little Nightmares which I am currently playing. Love Everybody's Golf, would just like to see a more steady offering of new things.
  5. No back up save so I will know once I get one more condor Got my condor last night, last hidden character showed and now I have my platinum. In case anyone was interested
  6. I was at two condors, need one more to get one last secret character to show. Got the condor tonight on an official hole, was told a new secret character would be at the home screen, had an official rank because of my hole in one and then went to go back to the home screen to try and challenge them. While going back to the home area my PS4 got an error message and I had to load the game up again. When I did there was no secret character, no replay of my shot in my data section but when I went back to the course I still had my ranking on the hole. I will try to get yet another condor but it worries me that it will not cause the secret character to show. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. Wow, thanks... I tried corgi a few times but this helps
  8. Right next to your living quarters there is the control room and it requires a password to get in. Anyone able to figure out what the password is?
  9. Have to agree, a really fun game. I am halfway through the second week and have enjoyed playing it a lot. Looks like a lot of the trophies you will get during the third week of playing seeing they consist of collecting all the items in a certain area of the game.
  10. You can also die, then the red missle launcher guys and green crates appear again and those net you points
  11. I should add I do not have the lense in my items, and in the observatory it is asking me to add the lense
  12. Found the dad, went into final cut scenes and the trophy popped for sixth sense (finished the game). When the game loaded up again I was outside the mansion, door was locked and I never got to see the fourth scene. Any help here would be great.
  13. The last hard trophy I remember seeing in a Lego game was the Final Countdown perfect solo trophy in Lego Rock Band. That still remains the only Lego game I could not platinum
  14. No voices in the game, basic platforming type of game play. Still waiting for my trophies to sync up with my playstation account, got them all in a short amount of time
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