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  1. the last hat theresa gives us (one with the feather) disappeared when I received the second trial hat!! it didn't return to the ship... did I just bug my trophy!?
  2. Skullz_69 EST need someone to power run me in hardcore mode! just need to get to lvl 70 (died on lvl67) and to kill Mathael (he killed me the second time lvl 54) only missing these two trophies for my platinum!! thanks in advance!
  3. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/news/shareplay_partners.png Share Play Partners Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID What you're looking to achieve Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning within this thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. Do not use this thread to antagonise members for using this feature, offer/ask for money for a trophy service or generally complain about the feature. __________________________________________________
  4. I gave up!! The Bright Lord DLC is cheap difficult for nothing Half the life but receive double the damage... wtf!! Plus the fucking elf moves like shit compared to Talion!! I thought Elves where agile but not this mother fucker apparently... fuck this DLC!!!
  5. I’ve completed all locations and I’m still Missing two Relics... Tried uploading pictures to show which ones but site won’t let me ... Please help....
  6. hmm then I have fucking ideal what Im missing 😂😅
  7. I opened the Sköll and Hati Shrine but it didnt count as discovered... Do I have to restart the game just because of this bullshit bug!? thanks in advance...
  8. The last Nornir Chest I keep trying but I feel my symbols switch back faster than in the video, I do the same movements Ive tried like 15-20times and by the time I get to the third theres always one symbol switched back... is there a skill that makes the axe faster!? Got lucky on try 21
  9. Im stuck at 57/58, yet I dont see any other spots I missed...
  10. thx Ill try when Ill be ready for another headache 😂
  11. The one "Braxton, We have a Problem" ? where you need to get 185mph for the 3⭐️ If so I use the Koenigsegg Regera lvl399 and I did it on the side with the Tuning Shop. I started at the Shop, dropped the pedal to the metal used NOS while swerving around traffic.. I was at at about 205mph when I hit a guardrail right at the end but succesfully got 185mph required! hope this helps
  12. Ive tried again and again... and theres always one douche that bumps me... My PSN is Skullz_69 If a generous stranger would be willing to do it for me on SharePlay id be quite grateful... before I break my controler... thanks in advance.
  13. took me over 20times to get that one but on my successful run... straight out of the tunnel I turn right up the hill the others will follow the path after that its up to you to not make costly mistakes!! I was lucky 😂
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