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  • Birthday 04/04/1991

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    male 19 trophy hunter
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    games films music ps3T and i love anime (naruto bleach fma and so on)

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    http://www.facebook.com callum milton

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  1. Happy Birthday Dragon! :D

  2. Ive got all the evidence but the trophy will not unlock anyone else had this problem
  3. wow that would be amazing i could die horribly wherever i was in the world i would love that i would want a yakuza game or harvist moon the 1st one remade
  4. ive made a team called celestial being if anyone feels like joining then feel free are goal is world domination
  5. 1.call of duty modern warfare 3 2.kingdoms of amalur reckoning 3.jak and daxter 4.jak 2 5.jak 3
  6. Same here, I have :psn: games like Castlevania HoD, Megaman 10, BloodRayne: Betrayal, just got Borderlands+all dlc, Renegade Ops, Infamous FoB. On disc Arkham City, UMvC3, Dante's Inferno, Lego Harry Potter, and I want to get Metal Gear Solid HD collection. As far as anime goes I'm watching episodes of Marvel stuffs on Netflix. They just got Bleach movies too.

  7. well theres skyrim then i got uncarted 3 to plat battlefild disgaea 4 sonic gen assassin creed the run and try to keep playing gears and minecraft as for anime rewacthing dbz one pieace and conteineing to wacth bleach hopeing to get some done for xmas cuz got batman, saints row 3 and the claymore anime to do......... man its sounds like a lot of hard word wen riteing it down lol yourself

  8. Oh, okay! Good to hear it. What's on your gaming and anime to do list? :angel:

  9. What did you do move to Playfire? :angel:

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