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  1. Looking for someone to help with the co-op trophy (NA version). PSN is lordzeze
  2. Looking for help with the the elephant trophy. PSN is lordzeze Thanks
  3. Looking to get the 20 Rogue agent kill trophy. PSN is lordzeze
  4. Can I do this glitch on disc version 1.00 and then once I use the exploit to get to level 50 then can I update to the latest patch and still keep my xp?
  5. I missed hitting Richter Belmont. Even though I should get the trophy I am still worried.
  6. So for the no magic trophy you only have to play the last level?
  7. They are active now. I just earned one.
  8. Yeah sounds like you did do a bike challenge first. On the PS3 version if you did a bike challenge first the car timed challenge trophy will glitch and the only way to fix it was to delete your save. Looks like the PS4 version has the same glitch.
  9. Did you do a bike timed challenge before doing the car timed challenges?
  10. What changes have they made? I haven't really followed the game since patch 1.05 (when they nerfed the XP method) even though I have the season pass. A new augment slot will open up at level 30. There will also be new gear and a Learn Hub (expanded tutorial).
  11. Want to boost the online championship trophy and the 3 hour trophy. PSN is lordzeze
  12. They are increasing the level cap to 30 for each character so it might make the Master Of All Trades trophy more grindy if you now need to reach level 30 instead of level 20.
  13. Ok, so currently NA is on update 1.02 while EU is on update 1.03. I'm not sure if the updates are the same or different though as the NA version came out almost 2 months after the EU version so one of the patches could have been included in the base game for NA.
  14. Does this affect the NA version as well? I saw somewhere that the NA version is on a different patch number.
  15. I'm wondering if the season pass is worth it and if it makes the main game trophies easier? The season pass for the first game was worth it. There was a PQ that made leveling up really fast, one of the mentors made the item drops better, and another mentor gave a skill which prevented kamehameha spamming.
  16. zeze


    I'm hoping there will be an easy master set to complete like last year with the Stall brother set where you only needed 6 bronze collectibles to complete the set.
  17. No events for December or January (so far). This might now be unattainable.
  18. I think I messed up when doing my attributes. I didn't fully understand the costume effect on stats so I have Ki and Ki blast supers over 80. Right now my stats are Max Health 46 Max Ki 89 Max Stamina 0 Basic Attack 15 Strike Supers 0 Ki Blast Supers 90 I don't really feel like re-rolling my attributes with the dragon balls so should I just put everything in basic attack now? Currently I'm bascially just spamming Death Ball with the Why yoooou!!! Z-soul right now. Will change Death Ball to Emperor's Death Beam when I unlock it though because that one is supposed to be better. Does anyone have any good costume recommendations (I have all the DLC)?
  19. The early BF sale for Plus members last weekend was probably the flash sale for this month.
  20. I missed out on this game because my main account is a Canadian account. Opened a US account this week and went looking for it only to find out it was delisted
  21. Isn't Ghost Primus supposed to be a reward for completing the Raid? I'm asking because I got it from an engram from Hawthorne. I haven't even tried the raid yet.
  22. This update sure did screw up my console. The symbol for extended storage (the cylinder) kept flashing in the upper right hand corner of the home menu, where the time usually is, and would not go away. After installing, none of my games on my extended storage would work. There was a triangle with an exclamation mark beside almost all of them and when I tried to load them it would say "checking extended storage, please wait". Also none of my game updates would download/install properly. It would download part of the update, then go to a "copying" phase that I have never seen before and it would get stuck there. Then I decided to open up Pinball FX3 (which is on the extended drive and was one of the few games that worked) and as soon as I opened it up the game froze and update notifications for Lost Legacy and Doom popped up even though automatic updates are turned off. Ended up corrupting my save for Pinball FX 3 as this caused the system to basically lock up. I ended up restarting my system multiple times and now it seems to be working normally, but its really odd that the update gave me so many troubles.
  23. In addition to the 2 original tables coming out this year, 3 licensed tables are also coming out before the end of this year. They wanted a unified name between all platforms. I have played the new game a bit and while the tables are the same the added features makes it feel like a completely different game than previous Zen Pinball games.
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