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  1. Username: Dashuri Timezone: EST Looking for: Boosting partner and any other online trophies. Also... I've never played this before. I'm going solely off the trophy guide and it recommends a boosting partner with 2 controllers. I have 2 controllers, please have 2 as well. I don't mind learning as we go, as I'll be learning too. I get a lot of random friend requests so please add 'Sacred 3' in your message so I don't disregard it as spam. Thank you!
  2. (Edit: Found someone, thank you!) Username: (Deleted, as I'm still receiving requests.) Timezone: EST I'm looking for the multiplayer trophies. If you send a friend request, please add the game name in the subject so I don't assume it's a random request. Thank you! ♥️
  3. I hit this glitch, proceeded and tried again with another car. Infuriatingly, I got the same weather. In a moment of desperation, just before the last checkpoint I went into Options, then Display and in HUD I turned off everything, thinking maybe that was bugging it out. Then I went to Camera and moved both from Very Far to Very Close. At the checkpoint, I slowed to a crawl and crossed. After the checkpoint I resumed normal speed... And finished. I don't know if this actually solved anything or not but it's worth a shot. Good luck, everyone!
  4. Thank you AshtimusPrime and Tiberius. ^^ I'm gonna have a ton of games to try out. I'll even give the Welsh one a go. I'm just bored of all the games I've been playing and with me trying to learn new languages I figure I may as well broaden my horizons. XP Thank you both again. ^^
  5. Oh!! I'm sorry. Wasn't trying to repeat anything. I had thought I read through everything thoroughly. That's my bad. Dx
  6. https://www.psu.com/news/33525/playstation-plus-members-get-free-dlc-bonus-ahead-of-august-reveal I haven't started playing (as I had never heard of this before) but I just found this and thought I'd share. Good tactic to get players into the game. Get yours free while it lasts.
  7. Edit: Got 2 people to help boost. Thank you guys! <3
  8. Sorry for not replying sooner! My friend came out for the weekend. She brought her Vita (I didn't even know she has one!) and it turns out she has several imports, Tales of games, etc... A couple of the ones she has a on this list.. So she's going to bum me a couple games and I figure I'll start there. ^^ It was kinda good timing, so I'll be trying to pick up a Vita some time this week. Also, I have a list of about 10 languages I want to learn. I'm starting with Duolingo and friends who speak those languages, but once I'm good enough is where I've been starting to move on to movies (and now games) that use other languages. I don't want to learn a language just to have it fade into nothing because I don't use it fairly regularly. @ChibiRico8: I stopped into a GameStop just because we were near it this weekend, and the only game they had that I recognized from the list was Vespiria. A little bit bummed with their selection and prices. I picked it up, but I'll have to hold off playing it until I return the games my friend bummed to me. @Rhapsody13: No, greatly appreciated! I'm looking into any bilingual games. Obviously I'll be starting with Japanese because it has the bulk of games, but I'll check that out down the road. Thank you! ^^ @Kfree7: I used to play the original. I almost recall it sounding German, but it was so long ago that I'm not sure. Plus, the dialogue wasn't very heavy back then anyway. Lol But yeah, I'll check that out when I go for Arcania. Thank you!
  9. Ooh, I totally forgot to mention that, I'm sorry! DX I'll update as soon as I finish replying. I own a PS3 and 4, and am hoping to get a Vita in the near future, so anything really. I love story based games like telltale, love RPGs and action/adventure titles. Pretty much I'll play about anything. I can't look too deep into visual novels as I don't have a Vita yet, but I'll add that to the list so I don't forget when I get it. I wanted Tales of Vespiria when it first came out, but was broke back then and totally forgot about it until you said it. XD A lot of my games are primarily English with no option for Japanese, so I'm sure a lot of these I'll be importing. ^^
  10. Ooh, yeah! My brother used to play that. I forgot all about that. XD Thank you! I'll add that to the list. ^^
  11. I have some manga in Japanese, and I've watched some anime like that when it's an option. (Of course, the first word I've learned this way is baka... Not very encouraging! Lol) But I can read English faster than they speak it, and most languages talk so fast I need to challenge myself to keep up translating it. I find that when I watch an anime with subtitles, it's harder for me to pay attention to their words. Videogames wouldn't necessarily teach me, but it's primarily spoken and written in that language. So I could learn Japanese symbols while they talk, instead of katakana as well. PsychoDelusion: I do kinda like the sports idea also, I'll look into that. Thank you. ^^ (Edit: Sorry, shrapx. Totally typed the wrong response! I did see what you said and I added it to the list to look into. Thank you!! <3) Kfree: Thank you. I'll check that one out also.
  12. I'm really not sure where to put this so I thought General off topic would be a good start... I'm in the process of learning American Sign Language as well as Spanish. Down the line I want to learn Japanese. When I do that I know there are so many Japanese only games that I can just import and learn some of the Language by playing through games. For Spanish I have a friend in Chile who has been helping me learn pronunciation and spelling. I'm to a point where I would like to see if I can maybe play some games to help further my education, as well as to see if I can understand it when spoken quickly. I know in this day in age there aren't many games out there for educational purposes for children (on PlayStation)... But I wonder if any of the bilingual players out there happened to know of any games that are good and fun to play but primarily another language. As I'm intending to learn multiple languages this isn't just in regards to Spanish I'd like to see about any good games that aren't in English. Where I am a 30 year old adult I'm not opposed to seeing children's games as well as adult games because I feel like those will be a good start to help me learn, as well. Thank you all for reading my book.. lol And I look forward to the responses I'll see. ^^ Also, I'm open to anything. From genre to the console they're played on. RPGs, action, sports, etc. PS3, PS4 & Vita. I don't own a Vita yet but plan to in the future so I don't want to necessarily ignore those. Edit: I'm going to keep a list here for myself and others, so it's easier than scrolling through everything. German: Arcania Wolfenstein Japanese: Senran Kagura:: Peach Beach Splash (Coming West before 2018) School Girl/Zombie Hunter (Coming West before 2018) Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2009 (And other sports games) Armored Core V Super Robot Wars franchise Contrast Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Visual novels (primarily Vita) Tales of Vespiria (look into other 'Tales of' games) Dunamis 15 Disorder 6 (Check for anime based VNs) Date-A-Live Haruhi Infinite Stratos (2) Air Clannad Rewrite/Harvest Festa (Other VN by Key) Grisaia series Owari no Seraph T-RPG Umihara Kawase sequel (platformer) Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Tales of Innocence R Kantai Collection Kai (complicated) Corpse Party Book of Shadow Blood Drive Stein's Gate (0 is import only?) Little Busters Converted Edition Kud Wafter Converted Edition Fate series (Will need to figure out confusing timeline) Warriors Orochi 3 Welsh: Master Reboot (?) Multitrack games: Bioshock (Check) Uncharted (Check)
  13. I tried that. My next choice was going to be to sell everything, but I didn't want to have to start all over pretty much. I haven't played it since. Not so much of a 'rage quit' but I've been disappointed with the game and haven't felt like dealing with it. I actually forgot I made this post. XD But thanks for replying. It was a good idea.
  14. Hello! I was just wondering if you were going to update/repost the Trove trophy guide now that trophies are active..?

  15. Aww! So it would have unlocked for me regardless! Dang it! Lol oh well. Time to go download it. Thanks for the update! <3
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