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  1. 5/10 here, overall the game is enjoyable and the hard difficulty is really not that hard. You may need to upgrade your weapons a bit for that last battle with Azimuth but if you've been doing side missions along the way most of the weapons will be at level 5 by then. You can do challenge mode on casual and that doesn't give much challenge. The only reason this would be a 5 over a 2 or 3 is that damn Blast Runs Hot trophy. It's very much a luck trophy, you just need a lucky run to get that 10000 points. Unfortunately for me, my lucky run came after about 3 days of trying. That trophy really, really sucked.
  2. I think a 7 for difficulty here, the online trophies are a bit of a grind and need the help of a boosting group now. The challenges may have some easier ones than previous games but the campaigns can still be a pain in the ass. Make sure to make backups for the IATN runthrough, something as easy as a missed jump into the electric water can kill you and make you restart! I actually died a couple times in that spot where you have to glue grenade all the vents on the floating platform and had to reload my save, extremely frustrating. Overall though I enjoy the arkham series and the games are a good level of difficulty for the average gamer like myself.
  3. Gonna go with a 7 on this one. The item collecting is a little time consuming similar to the first game and completing both the first and NG+ runs at 100% can take time but not terribly difficult if you have worked on your combat skills. I took a break between the 2 playthroughs and this was nice because it felt familiar but I didn't remember exactly how to do everything so made the 2nd playthrough a little more fun. The most difficult part is those challenges again, they upped the difficulty of predator challenges this time around but combat was a little easier than the first game. And I was so sick of the campaigns by the end. Eventually you can figure out a strategy but it's still time consuming. I will be taking another break before trying to do the challenges and campaigns for Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman though for that 100%.
  4. If there are still groups looking for people for the MP trophies, I am looking to join one. PSN ID: Piecharka22
  5. I'm going to go with a 7/10 for difficulty for me. This is probably due to the fact I'm not great at shooter games but I found Ultra Violence difficulty very hard, especially the Front Gates of Evil level. I spent at least 40-60 mins in each section of the last battle in the citadel, so much dying ha ha. And it wasn't until I figured out to stun the Sinister clones with the flash bang grenade that I finally finished the game on that level. I also had some difficulty with the challenges but I attempted them before I was fully upgraded, once I was fully upgraded then the challenges were much easier. I wouldn't discourage anyone from playing this game though as I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I wasn't very good at it.
  6. Going 4 out of 10 on this one. It takes a little while to get used to the quick kills and the Double Trouble bosses can be frustrating. As well, some of the sand portals are frustrating too if you mess up the quick kills, but overall most of the trophies will come naturally on your first playthrough. I started on Normal and got used to everything so the Hard playthrough was relatively easy as I knew where to go, and then I did Sand Snake on Easy and that went well with only 1 or 2 times having to quit to the main menu. It's just time consuming to do the 3 playthroughs, but pretty easy plat. I'd say easier than the Warrior Within plat.
  7. Giving this one a 6, the hard difficulty was definitely frustrating and overall the game was more frustrating then the first one. The combat was no fun at all and the game had too many confusing spots. Also, didn't enjoy having to play through the game 3 times. This is the first game I've come across where difficulty trophies don't stack, which doesn't really increase the overall difficulty of the platinum but just adds time. Playing through without dying can be tricky too but do it on the easy playthrough and use back up save files.
  8. Giving this one a 4. Couple frustrating parts when trying to do less than 20 rewinds but there are lots of checkpoints so you don't go too far back letting yourself die. The elevator took me a long time because my tanks weren't equal number (got cloud 48 right before that section). Quit out of the game after the trophy popped and skipped the clouds, got the elevator on my first try with the mega freeze. I'd suggest doing the same if you are stuck at the elevator part. Otherwise, once you figure out the combat strategy for each sand creature this game is very enjoyable. Excited to play the rest of the trilogy.
  9. Giving this one a 5 out of 10. The grind can take a while to get those boosts and basically requires to play both Anti-Reg and Pro-Reg on legendary so that adds a little bit of time. And legendary isn't terribly hard but I had to play through the Nick Fury battle a few times. The simulator missions also had a couple tougher ones but using some suggested teams/boosts they were obtainable. My only knock is that I can no longer get the DLC so I'm 8 trophies short of the 100% completion and from reading around the internet it sounds like something that I'll never be able to complete. That pains the completionist in me ha ha but overall I enjoyed this game!
  10. Going with a 4 on this one. Not an overly difficult game but there were some tricky bosses on the X-Treme difficulty level. More so that it only took like 3 hits to die in later stages of the game so you had to be good at dodging or use the correct X-Genes to avoid getting hit. Another thing upping the difficulty was the poor combat and camera angles in this game. If it swung you into a bad spot or didn't respond fast enough you could die really easily. I did 2 playthroughs of the game and still had to clean up the combat trophies, which wasn't actually too bad. I think it took me about 30 mins to clean up with a couple challenges (7, 8 and 9 worked best for me like the guide states).
  11. I'd rate the plat difficulty as a 3 for The Amazing Spider-Man. I'd suggest starting on Super-Hero difficulty as it is not overly difficult and as you play through you will get upgrades and once you get a hang of the combat/stealth moves there aren't any fights that will pose too many headaches. The collectibles are quite enjoyable to find, I enjoyed swinging around the city, doing side jobs and collecting comic book pages between main story jobs. The Concept Art trophy can be time consuming if you weren't taking pictures as you were going. If you need boss pics you need to play the whole mission over again to get to the boss for pics, so at least try to get those as you go to save time later. Overall, I really enjoyed this game and had fun putting the time into it!
  12. Giving this one a 3. Very similar difficulty level to Chains of Olympus. A couple tricky parts in the game playing on Hard but with some practice it usually only takes a couple tries to get through those tricky parts. The challenge of the gods might be the easiest of the series and there really aren't any tricky trophies in the game. If you've played any other GoW games you will be a-okay on this one.
  13. Gave it a 2, only had to use the exploit on level 5 (helicarrier level) otherwise formidable was very easy once you were upgraded. The plat was easy but the game itself is flawed, the graphics are poor, controls aren't great and the game is far too short. The grinding actually wasn't too bad though after playing the game through on Easy and then again on Formidable. As long as you rotate the weapons you use, the kills trophies shouldn't require much grinding at the end. As a big Marvel fan I did still enjoy playing the game though and seeing some classic Iron Man villains in the game.
  14. I gave this one a 5 as it was a little more than just playing through the game. Certain trophies have no way of tracking in the game (Navigate Like Drake and Hassan Would Be Proud) so you are basically just guessing if you have checked a map or pickpocketed a certain item. And if you get to the end and they don't pop then you have no idea where you missed something and have to pretty much start over from the beginning. The QTE dancing trophy was annoying and took me a really long time to get and the arcades weren't a walk in the park either. The game itself and collecting treasures was straight forward and enjoyable though. I am happy to have finished getting the plats on all the Sly games, maybe one day we will see Sly 5... but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  15. Giving this a 5 for difficulty. Used the collectible guide for the dog tags on the first time through, which saved me going for it on the hard play through. The grinding for combat reflexes really was too long and both times through deadpool was extremely annoying. That slow down part always had me falling to me death and then you have to beat him again and again! Overall though this was a very enjoyable super hero game, would definitely recommend if you are an Xmen or Wolverine fan!
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