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    A boys will always be a boys. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Need coop campaign and constractions too. Add me : deflep9
  2. Need help on Underground Runaround. 1 more prize bubbles. Is there a prize bubbles on the x2 path?
  3. need help for all zombies related trophies. psn : deflep9 thanks
  4. How many ranked wins need for the belts? I need all 3 belts, add me deflep9
  5. For speeder trophy, is the supercharger means boost meter that you build up or the green icon that you pick up? I tried both ways and the trophy didnt pop.
  6. Thank you so much. I just try to finish the online mode first.
  7. Is anyone stll have the Gozer map picture?
  8. Yes, there's no DLC for the US version. You can see in the trophy information about this game (XMB). It said only 41 trophies in US ver. and 48 trophies in EU ver. I think YGC was wrong. They should fix the US ver. one.
  9. Please quote your previous post and put your PSN ID. @danieljevans please set the date and time, looks like we have full party now.
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