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  1. i too just got the game. love the series looking forward to yet another grinding game 🤣🤣🤣. seriously though needed a co op player if theres any floating around.
  2. any news on invasion bosses coming nd also the tower for secret fight to show? my last 2 trophies for platinum
  3. looking for help on ebonheart story line trophy, win in online match, vampire and werewolf bite. iv nailed so much of the game and taken i think 3 or 4yrs out now. but i wish to tidy up. im pretty strong but lack knowhow as iv been away ages, wont tk long to remember though
  4. sent 2 requests out to those on the screen now. im ready and waiting wen ur ready to boost
  5. me too my friend. im in the UK and would love to work together for a smooth boost raz619
  6. a big thank you to a demonic shadow. Im going to be doing this for a friend too so psm me if you wanna boost any online trophies
  7. Currently working on any online wipeout omega collection trophies. Looking to boost several games bk over on my ps3 in end war metal of honour warfighter and plenty others
  8. I give it 5 mostly dwn to time. Research is the key b4 each playtime. Have a objective each play grab what u can in between its not hard at all. Just online tir let's it dwn honestly ps3 and ps4 it seems is dead online. I plat ps3 version and am left with the same predicament I was with last time ONLINE PLAYERS. If it was alive I'd Have given it 4 but probably ticking at my mind 3 because of enjoyment level I personally get from it.
  9. Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun. What else needs to be said. Put on the dlc shirt and jeans, black army boots and viking hat. This will allow for 40 rnds in the shotgun to. As far as combination weapons I found tenderisors really good. With a semi auto lock on using hard attack or fast action fist pumping without using it gets me out of most situations
  10. I really can't understand the h8 here. If it's so hard to keep a jotter and save your progress dont bother with collectable tropies. Save regularly and it's not to bad. It does not have to be done co-op though advisable as only one trophy is needed for completing it co-op and that should be a clean run with concentrating purely on missions and nothing else NOT COLLECTIBLES. do this at your own accord in your own time saving regularly. I'm sick of those easy quick trophies that require no skill to complete or thought. They make a game to quick and honestly no fun. I much prefer a harder to earn plat so people look impressed at my trophy list rather than laugh at a mass of easy trophies every1else has to.
  11. Yes doing case files is highly advised for this so a high lvl is best and knowledge of the game to. This will be now my 2nd time completing this trophy as I used the same method in the ps3 version. Save after ever 3 laps using the hummer bought for 2million lol. It's tedious but even more so If you end out losing 15k kills than 1k kill count.
  12. Looking to do the tir events online. I remember very well how hard it was to get these bk on ps3 due to online being dead so I don't expect it to be any better yrs after. But I have a boosting partner just need 2 more. Drop me or synxdragon a psnpro if you to need online trophy still
  13. Thx i h8 to think how time you saved me. I guessed it was gonna be like alive & pop after x amount of miles after leaving free ride but i know to stick to online free ride (private of course ) il confirm upon compltion
  14. I really positively h8 people who sticky a cross platform game boost thread over. I found over 21 names of people who played this most still needing the trophy but all on ps3. Im in the thread for ps4 lol & coz of this ridiculous set up im finding ps3 guys. This threads as broken as the game
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