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  1. Thank you for the guide you legend! Great game, never played it at the time, very 90s ✌️
  2. The site has changed a lot Funky. Cheers

  3. Between a 4 and a 5, I went with a 5. The 70 gold medals aren't too bad after the update where you can now use all your equipment and stats. You can find more than 70 missions that aren't too bad, just avoid the ones that are really really hard and you'll be fine. Great game, one of the best of this gen, just that the trophy list is looooong, but not too difficult.
  4. Between 250 and 300 hours altogether. Took me around 200hrs on SP and around 100hrs MP. Really enjoyed the MP and will carry on with that even though I have the platinum now. Its really good fun and I'm glad I left that until after the SP, finding all those animals made me lose the will to live! Keep at it
  5. Hope you enjoy the new site revamp mate. 👍🏼

    1. funkyweed


      She's puuurty now mate! Hot stuff 😁Really well done with it all to you all. A dawn of a new age. Congrats dude 👌

  6. Wow, just wow! Congratulations guys It all looks really good and clean, it's not red. Time to play with the new buttons and features. Just delete that other thread now and move forward! I'm sure there are lots of little tweaks and fixes but it feels and looks great now. Well done to all those involved. Serious time and effort gone in here and it shows 👍
  7. Just after the All's Fair trophy. Looks easy and quick. PSN: funkyweed GMT Timezone Edit: all done
  8. Congrats and great read, ambalamabalmmbaambalamba. That ear worm is deep now, I tried repressing that song away during the 90s, what have you done! Love the setup and rig you've got going on, it looks vvv.nice! We need to see some of this merch as well. Love quality merch! Totally with you on this mate. I think a lot of us can relate to that statement. I'm with you on not playing absolute shite for trophies or achievements anymore, not caring about completion, not buying terrible games with easy lists, not avoiding great games because of trophies etc. There comes a point when you think "WTF am I doing with this"....then burn your clothes in a bin while sobbing in a cold shower, the latest 3.99 rubbish from Ratalaika is still on the TV in the background, we've all been there, haven't we? Glad you've reconnected with actual gaming, the trophies are more of a sub game rather than the main game, we tend to forget that. Feels like an AA meeting now, well Hai I'm funky and I'm a recovering addict now who's got some sweet crossplay multibuy 30min platinums Quick question though, how do you power everything in the North? I know you've got running water now but electricity as well, I'm shocked Nah I know you power it on the tears of us southerners jealous of the beauty of the north, our tears feed you Enjoy the limelight, you deserve it
  9. Generous and sexy and also a secret agent astronaut millionaire cowboy, you've got it all. I'm in
  10. Looks crisp and clean, it's like a new haircut, a more mature stylish classy cut, I think I can smell hair wax....and is that, aftershave, you filthy swine. What did you just slip in my drink? Anyone else feeling a bit hot and flustered all of a sudden? BTW Have you got a retina bleeding red version for all the OG feels? Shamone MF The truth cannot be unseen
  11. Will be getting ps5. Not sure at launch. My son's have decided they are in no hurry. Loved the comment about 70 games in the rest of your life. LOL. Have fun out there.

  12. 70 games before next gen! That's intense mate, I'd write them off lol. Maybe just play the top 10, I haven't got enough life left to play 70 games. Have you pre ordered a PS5? I managed to get my grubby hands on one for launch, hopefully, will believe it when it gets delivered. Take care pal :D

  13. Playing Borderlands 3 with a group. Also enjoy playing Destiny 2 just for fun even though I've got all the trophies. Still thinking about getting Ghost at some point but I've got 70 games in the backlog before next gen.

  14. How's it going dude? I have been hitting it up a bit more recently fella, just clearing the PS3/4 backlog. On Red Dead 2 atm. How about your good self?

  15. Seems like you have been gaming a bit more lately. Am I correct?

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