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  1. Looking for players to run all of the Easter Eggs. Please look up guides beforehand ID: RexR_12
  2. Need campaign done on realistic and all zombies. PSN ID: RexR12 Mention BO3 in request
  3. Let’s do it! I’ll need to install a new console ID and I’ll be good to go

  4. ID: RexR12 I’m down! Gonna complete this game
  5. New to the game but I learn shit quickly. Anyone got room on their team? PSN is Rexr12 and put Rainbow Six in the request! let’s grind .
  6. Game says 100+ hours for the plat, holy sh*t. Well, here goes nothing. Add me @ RexR12 and mention 3on3 in the request! I’d love to have ya
  7. Game says 65-100 hours to complete, don’t know if it’s worth that time but is anyone down to start this game up and give it a go? Need a few committed players who won’t bail like them normie micsquealers out there. Speak Spanish too, PSN ID: RexR12 HMU with Apex in the request!
  8. I’m at 71%, is there anyone who’s inclined to start a world and beat the game in a session? I have other games to play so Let’s get this one knocked out ASAP. PSN ID: RexR12 and message about Minecraft platinum in the request!
  9. Just got the game, dabbled in MP for a little bit. I Like the game mechanics, does anyone want to plat this with me? I have other games to work on so I’d like to run this one ASAP. PSN ID: RexR12 and message me about Battlefield 1 in the request!
  10. Are you still interested in helping others plat? ID is RexR12 msg me if ya wanna get together
  11. Have the damn game at 1%, never really played the game but am thinking of trying to plat before selling the disc. Anyone want to bring this out with me? I’d appreciate the help and any wisdom from experienced players. PSN ID: RexR12, message me about FIFA in the request!
  12. Journey PS3 veteran, just got the game for free during the quarantine. Who’s ready to knock this one out in a day? ID is RexR12, put something about the forum and journey in the request!
  13. Need almost everything done, have all maps save for Der Eisendrache. Available if you’re intent on grinding these out. Need tough campaign difficulties, decorator trophy help, and expansion packs complete (zombies). Who’s ready to do this? Mic preferred but not needed, English and Spanish only. Psn Is RexR12, put BO3 boosting in request!
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