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  1. PSN - wrestlefanatic77 Trophy Log: https://psnprofiles.com/wrestlefanatic77/log #17,224 - 2 drivers one car #17,225 - Canyon Green Clear #17,226 - Cherry Blossom
  2. I was waiting for a response to team up but never got one . No surprise this event was a dud.
  3. Are there even 2 trophies that can equal 500? I wonder if this event becomes a dud.
  4. I really wished I could have competed against Krid since my backlog was so huge, I would have given him a run for his money.
  5. Well, anyone want to be my valentine for this event? Send me a PM.
  6. I got my trophy in at 11:30 last night CST, synched it, and PSNprofiles reflects that through the trophy log https://psnprofiles.com/wrestlefanatic77/log Trophy - #17,157 If that doesn't qualify as making the deadline, then I messed up.
  7. Made one last attempt to improve distance. Submitted just now and all I can say is that I am likely to be eliminated. Good event overall. Would love to do this again next year.
  8. PSN - wrestlefanatic77 Trophy Log - https://psnprofiles.com/wrestlefanatic77/log Task - Locations, Locations, Locations Trophy - #17,146 - Australia Tourist #17,145 - France Tourist My last hurrah to improve my distance. ST: 15,150km
  9. We shall see. I am prepared to make one last mad dash to avoid last place.
  10. Well, going to have to get a new submission
  11. PSN - wrestlefanatic77 Trophy Log - https://psnprofiles.com/wrestlefanatic77/log Task: Location, Location, Location Trophy: #17,142 - Japan Tourist #17,144 - England Tourist Naturally, if this distance isnt good enough, I will try again with a better submission. ST: 9406km
  12. Went ahead and completed the challenge tonight and will be submitting it now. This was easy but the game I went with was a pain in the ass. Easy game but so damn monotonous. And naturally, I'll try to resubmit if I am not dead last in the rankings in the next 16 hours or so.
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