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  1. The platinum can be accomplished in a single playthrough by collecting everything. You don't need to return to levels unless you miss things. The map screen provides you the exact checkpoint and tells you the number of orbs you have per area. Going for each orb, you'll also grab the miscellaneous collectibles along the way. It's incredibly easy and shouldn't take longer than 6-7 hours.
  2. It's pretty dependent on skill, but I got the platinum in 11 hours. I could have done it faster if I had read the trophy list before playing, but I screwed up the shop keeper trophies. That necessitated me playing to the mid-point, which only takes about an hour on New Game+. Getting upgrades is simplified if you find a good spot to farm crystals, the miscellaneous trophies for techniques are likely to come naturally, and almost all of the trophies for surviving something or finding things are required to beat the game. There are missable ones, sure, but this isn't a hard game.
  3. For anyone worried about the speedrun trophy, don't be. I have an advance copy of the game and on my first playthrough of Hard, I missed the time limit by about 40 minutes. This was because I spent time looking for the Shrines, which I didn't realize added to the time limit so dramatically. If you focus solely on the Colossi, you'll probably beat the game in around 5 hours.
  4. I wouldn't mind boosting on both platforms. The online is pretty terrible, so its hard to even find a match that will run, let alone one I can win.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone has actually gotten this, but there are two separate trophy lists for a single purchase. If you play on PS4, you get a list dedicated strictly to PS4. If you boot up the Vita version, that trophy list says PS4/Vita. Really odd, but you can get two platinums from one purchase. This probably means that the European version does the same, which would then validate the four platinums assumption.
  6. I was giving this a play yesterday and I was really disappointed. The performance is all over the place. A lot of screen tearing and just plain ugly textures. Cars handle okay, but the power-break is super wonky. Some cars respond smoothly, others don't. I guess that's realistic, but it makes for wildly inconsistent gameplay. As for events, there is a career mode, free mode and "Special Events." Racing against the AI is nearly impossible. I can't fucking catch them to save my life. Time Attacks are pretty easy, though. Drift is also a joke if you turn off traction control. I'm guessing the trophy list will be relatively easy. The race Golds will be next to impossible (even on Easy), but everything else isn't bad. *EDIT* Okay, I take back what I said. This trophy list is easily a 9 or 10 out of 10. The damn AI is impossible, Special events require you to play on "Alien" difficulty for Gold and the drift score limits are insane (100,000 for the very first event).
  7. Around 7, maybe. To get the platinum, I guess 15, at most.
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to be reviewing this game, so I've had an advance press copy for a few days. I just finished it and can tell you about a few of the hidden trophies. There are two main endings, each with a trophy. One also requires you to not dedicate to any of the other companions during the main story. The endings are easy enough to figure out. All of the "collectibles," so to speak, are also incredibly easy to find. Since you are only ever scanning things in the environment, you just have to make sure to scan literally everything on each screen. I'm still puzzled on a bunch of the other hidden trophies, but it may have to do with the companions you can speak to throughout the story. I know one is for picking a different person on each "special" trip you have to the holo-chamber, so that is something. I can't really say much else (I'm under NDA), but it's a really good game. Great story and it has a lot more actual gameplay than Home did. One puzzle had me stumped for a bit, but everything is based on observation and can (eventually) be solved.
  9. I managed to get the Platinum in the game. Abusing cloud saves, I was able to eventually work myself up to a point where I was overpowered. I had 10 weapons, a bunch of potions and a shit load of food. For the 20,000 Loot trophy, there really shouldn't be a worry. For a long while, I'd just get extra lives (for those bullshit jumps) and not bother gathering up gold. If you're abusing cloud saves, you could potentially get 20,000 first, but it doesn't matter. In the final few levels, most enemies drop loot that gives you 750-1000. On the final level, itself, I got 14,000 loot. After I got the trophy, I started buying lives like crazy (when they didn't fail at the damn altar). I had 3, so I didn't even care anymore. As for getting all of the ASCII, you will eventually come across all of the basic ones. It may take some time (I found the last one on floor 22), but it happens. You might not get all of the enchanted ASCII, but those aren't required for anything. Getting a talisman requires you to unlock a skill. After you do that, you'll start to find the scrolls for them. This requires getting a specific letter with each element (say, U for fire, power, freeze, poison and arcane). You'll more than likely have one letter from each category, so this isn't an issue. Really, abusing cloud saves is the best way to go about it. The game is monotonous and becomes utterly frustrating after floor 13. A lot of the enemies aren't telegraphed well and some will ignore your attack and smack you to the floor. It really sucks. Then missing jumps makes me want to kick a puppy. Jesus, the camera is just bad. Either way, the platinum isn't a tough one. I may go about doing the trophy guide, but I'm not sure.
  10. Yeah, I was going to say that. The 20,000 loot one is not cumulative, so you'll have to gather it all at once. Since the only thing you can buy is an Extra Life at God Altar's (which randomly work), it's not the biggest deal in the world. If you just save after every floor, you'll eventually have 20,000 on you.
  11. I haven't tried yet, but I was going to test that. I'm going to guess that it can. It's fun for a bit, but it's very simple. The AI is dumb as hell and you don't get much in the way of different attacks. Everything is controlled with Square and all the weapons feel the same.
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to be reviewing this game for a website and I just wanted to chime in on the trophies. While the game can be difficult (since it's permadeath), the trophy list is pretty lenient. In order to get the platinum, you have to get to Floor 26. I've played the game for around 5 hours and am only on floor 10. During that time, I've collected all of the miscellaneous trophies (save for the 20,000 loot one). That includes enchanting weapons, getting kills and using all characters (which only requires a quick game with each). Honestly, the hardest trophy would be getting to Floor 26, but you can actually bypass most of the enemies and make it. As for unlocking every skill, I have about half of them unlocked on floor 10. Since the game is permadeath, it's not like you'll miss unlocks going for the final floor. ASCII letters are random, but I'm missing two of the 26, so it's not that big of a deal. I don't know if I'd personally buy this game, but it's fun in spurts. It's agonizingly plain, but whatever. Easy trophies are easy trophies.
  13. Hi there. I am looking to get Flawless Raider. I also need to finish a raid on Hard, but that is probably not feasible without dying. Either way, here are my credentials. ID: KingSigy Timezone: EST Version: latest patch (04/18/16)
  14. KingSigy

    Trophies list

    Just so everyone knows, Hardcore Campaign is where you cannot regain old Bros. If you lose Rambro, he's gone for the rest of the campaign. It's not easy, even on Normal. Hardcore is available from the beginning. I would advise against playing on that as your first playthrough, especially if you want to get the trophy for Hard Mode. On Hardcore, if you lose a bro, he's gone forever. You can get new bros, but since there are only 32 bros in the game, that isn't a lot of lives.
  15. I'm looking for a group to do flawless raider with. While I would love to get the clan and Hard mode trophies out of the way, that may be a bit hard to pull off without dying. Regardless, here is my info. PSN: KingSigy Platform: PS4 Timezone: EST
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