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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi guys, I have this game on PS4 but I am planing to buy it on steam to play when I'm on the go. Can someone tell me if you can link both accounts so the competitive rank and rewards mantain? Thanks
  3. I just recived an email with a code for getting the season pass for 35€ (30% off). It's a god price or is not worth the money? Thanks
  4. Any update on this? They are already in 1.05 patch and nothing in main game...
  5. They are bugged, a friend of mine is in first place on my list and the time counter is at one hour. He is at least at the 10 hour mark. They need to get myltiplayer better, also a lot of glitches (grenades stuck, players dead but still continue slaughtering the other team, etc...).
  6. There is a ranked system but only for team deathmatch...
  7. Anyone here knows if there is a way to see k/d, kills with each weapon, badges, etc?! They should add it to the game, it would be a nice update.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. This is one of those games (such as Rocket League) that could mix all players (PS4, XBOX and PC).Who else agrees with it?!
  10. Hello, I played the demo yesterday and many memories from my childhood came ate me because of TM Nations. I had a really great time playing the 1 hour trial and I am considering buying the game but don't you think 40€ is a bit to much?! Maybe the game will be on plus next month or in a promo soon and I'm afraid I regret waisting money on it. What do you think? EDIT: I just bought it and couldn't be more satisfied. The game is absolutly amazing and I'm having a lot of fun getting gold in all of the tracks! Thanks for the comments.
  11. Is platinum still obtainable after this incident? I bought the game with the season pass last week for 10€.
  12. PSN ID: pedro-martins23 Timezone: GMT +01:00 DLC: All Looking for some people to play online, I'm in level 27 and I play everyday!
  13. Need help with all Exo Survival trophies. One partner needed and I can do it now, so add me on PSN! PSN: pedro-martins23
  14. Happy Birthday!

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