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  1. That wasn't my choice. Each list originally had a separate DLC. It was changed at some point between me submitting it and it being posted.
  2. Submitted two more URs that I didn't know that I unlocked. That's 84 total for me.
  3. I'm at 7 completions and at 60-65 URs. Should get another 10 or so URs today.
  4. I'm sitting at around 50 UR's for the month. I'll keep getting what I can and try to get a few more completions on the way.
  5. Done with my wager. I'll keep going, because I have goals to complete before the end of the year, but this event seems like a lost cause.
  6. To be fair, I don't need to wait for any set time to do that. That being said, y'all are doing fine.
  7. There should be consequences for people who don't meet their wager.
  8. Well, I think that's a whole other issue, separate from the polls. Site activity in general is down.
  9. I can think of three off the top of my head that are easily over 1000 hours. Diablo 2, Elite Dangerous, and Elder Scrolls Online. It'll be rarely used (as it should be), but if there are 20 poll options available and some would already being added on the lower end, why not?
  10. Since it's 20, can we add to the other end of the scale too? Maybe add 500+ and 1,000+.
  11. I'm just happy that you wanted to be on the team. Missed you!!
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