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  1. I both am interested in playing crash and man of Medan games for ps plus July 2022. I hope Nightmares from the deep 2 : siren’s call game will add to ps now in Canada,but it even has available ps plus extra in USA only. note : I need to earn half trophies for nightmare from the deep 2 siren call game
  2. - #185 - #186 I already got Borderlands 2 ps3 since 8 years ago. I enjoyed playing Borderlands 2 ps4 version ,but I was struggled to beat and use method two controllers for against Terramorphous boss final. - #187 I played enjoying a fantastic game, and love my main Amara character. I was frustrated to beat myself about getting Firing Range trophy and pick up some weapons then I finally bought infinity pistol from Earl's vending machine in Sanctuary. It was platinum without all dlc.
  3. update : 1+ Tiny tina's assault on dragon keep : a wonderlands one shot adventure 1+ Borderlands 2 1+ Borderlands 3
  4. Shadow Warrior 3 and Syberia games will be leaving ps now next July 2022
  5. Yeah I'm runner up for first place! thank you for hosting the NBA Finals 2022 prediction.
  6. Damn GSW won for NBA final Championships 2022.
  7. Edit: I found compare pricing and features under latest on ps4 console. I really want to play assassin’s creed valhalla game, but I already got assassin’s creed platinum last year. I hope Mortal Kombat/Wrestling classic will be adding classic catalog in the future.
  8. Lightning and Avalanche team will be starting the playoffs on Wednesday June 15,2022.
  9. Edit : I got online all trophies and No longer for boosting here.
  10. Borderlands 3 - A loading screen is so ridiculous awhile claptrap's dancing on ps4 console,but I enjoyed playing so fun through the story mission.
  11. Yesterday I checked Announcement of thread what I saw title of a memoriam. I was shocked to read Krid's post about your amazing friend afternoon. I saw he posts or comments everyday. I remembered he sent a messege me about loving to boost monster energy supercross 2 when I can't remember where did i comment under "what should I be playing ps4 or "what are you doing right now". I can't believe he's gone RIP
  12. Borderlands 2 PS4 version - I even still can't beat terramorphous boss awhile my weapons are not good as low. Update : finally I did beat terramorphous boss about easier way to method for split screen with another controller 2 players.
  13. Kevin Owens - PIN Madcap Moss - PIN Omos and MVP - PIN Theory (c) - PIN The Judgment Day - PIN Bianca Belair (c) - PIN Cody Rhodes - PIN
  14. Golden State will face off Boston for start the first game of final round on June 2/22 for NBA finals 2022.
  15. @Slamma Edmonton Oilers will face off Colorado Avalanche on next Tuesday May 31 at 8 pm for start conference final round.
  16. @Terminator I was still thinking about buying Borderlands 3 or Tiny Tina's wonderlands ps4 games for state of play discount till June 9th. I wonder Is tiny tina wonderlands game worth?How was Tiny Tina's wonderland game going? btw I love borderlands game as fun!!!
  17. Borderlands 2 PS4 - started playing 2nd playthrough vault hunter as Giage character for grinding 40 level till 50 level.
  18. No Mention of Trophies for PS Plus Premium's PS1, PSP Games PS Plus Premium's PS5, PS4 Game Trials Have Trophies, and Save Data Carries Over
  19. @Terminator, I saw WWE 2k22 Games via Twitter about wwe 2k19 and 2k20 for shut down. Attention WWE 2K community: On June 30, 2022, we will sunset support for WWE 2K19 & WWE 2K20 servers. This includes all online functions, such as online matches & Community Creations. We are turning our full focus toward supporting #WWE2K22. Thanks for your continued support!
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