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  1. 3 of 10 You can get the 10k bones by 3 staring level 14 with the 20% enemy bone boost then just farm kills for the 20k. Dont give these dev's another cent.
  2. Game really ramps up on lvl 11, almost no starting money and the number of dinosaurs to beat shoots up from the amount in lvl 10. I won't be giving them a dime. You want to require premium currency then go free-to-play, I don't pay for currency in a game I already paid for. I only have the 10k bones and 20k kills left and I will 100% this excuse for a pathetic I-touch app. Update: Got 10k bones 3 staring level 14 with 20% boost and on the 2nd to last enemy of the level. 20k enemies no problem.
  3. It is likely that you don't have enough to start a match, for example you need 6 people to start a Survivors game, which sucked with my boosting team of 5.
  4. Edit: I am complete with PS3 MP - I am no longer available for boosting PS3 and not currently boosting for the PS4 as those servers are not shutting down anytime soon. Good Luck! This post is for my Boosting team as this info is too much to send via Messenger. Mods Please let me know if there is a more appropriate place for this message as this was the best I could think of. I got bored at work and figured out the most efficient way to complete the DLC trophies for those that don't have them yet. I got everyone’s Trophy List from PSNProfiles and compared what everyone had and needed. Best teams are Team 1 Dim, Nut, and Nach & Team 2 MoJo, Paul, and Akane Team 2 needs: 1 Survivalist game win on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs, or Bus Depot. 1 Supply Raid win on both Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs, or Bus Depot & Wharf, Capitol, Water Tower, or Coal Mine 1 Interrogation win on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs, or Bus Depot After those then the game specific trophies are done and all we have left are the specific maps. Team 1 needs “3 downs no deaths” on Coal Mine and Bus Depot for Nach then Team 1 only has the Journeys left Team 2 needs “3 downs no deaths” Warf, Capitol, Coal Mine, Water Tower, Bookstore, Bus Depot, Home Town, and Suburbs. Some of those will be completed via the game mode specific trophies earlier. Now, the issue with this method is that while Team 2 is trying to get the Maps completed Team 1 has to keep their Clan healthy so I suggest that Team 2 waits until Team 1 collects parts from the map before killing them to get the supplies they need to keep their clan healthy, that way we don’t have to focus on switching off wins if a map Team 2 pops up right after another Team 2 win map. There is a build that I like to use where it is just revolver, no secondary, no special weapon, Crafter lvl 2 (for gifts), Collector lvl 1 (10% more parts), and Lucky Break lvl 2 (Min of 2 crafting ingredients) – you might not have the points for all 3 perks but at least get Crafter and Collector, or Crafter and Lucky Break. For 100% loss missions whomever gets one of those focus on picking up the Revives/Mark Enemies/Give Gifts options as those can be done without messing up potential map specific requirements. Here is when the 100% Risk Missions populate Week 6: Day 1 Week 8: Day 2 Week 10: Day 3 Week 11: Day 6 Week 12: Day 4 After the Map specific ones are done then we can go into Interrogation and trade wins as I think that is the fastest Game mode to boost, 3-4 interrogations and then unlock the safe. Should only take a few min to complete each round. Send Messenger on what everyone thinks.
  5. Edit: I am complete with PS3 MP - I am no longer available for boosting PS3 and not currently boosting for the PS4 as those servers are not shutting down anytime soon. Good luck! I just dont want to be locked out of the platinum. So having a booster team would be cool, currently Firefly. I have everything thanks to a team with added randos. Thanks be to: dimonemt NUTBAG_____AL AkaneTsu428 Aleos3091 calloffdooty paulisdik Squidward_Christ The randos that we picked up on the way: mario_manuel25 MANIAKK_MISFIT As well as help from another boosting group: Neurotekk_ Corle1nes dzentelmanASS Gray_Fox_Misha /---V6---/ IndoeXD5 Isamu_Kanashii JoshXAlan kcurlsjr LaRoca316 luis_lem m678hk0078 mgael44 Onde87 platinumplayer12 rintheskyking ShuGo61 Sir-Syzygy sonata-allegro Tigra UlvenFenrir UrbanGoblin VintageGamer95 Yami_no_Seitaro Yearofpro
  6. This took me over 57 hours to complete. I had a lot of fun Plating this.
  7. It all depends on if you can take some grinding. Personally, I love this series. Since the PS3 remake of Shadows of the Colossus, I've been waiting for a remake of GU. When I sold my old ps2 games I only kept 4; the original Killzone and these 3 volumes. There was a grammer error that irked me (8 month later) and I dont remember Haseo being that much of a dick to everyone, but if you enjoyed these games before then you will enjoy the remake.
  8. Bout 30 min. I think that it would have been faster if you could have used the D-pad, I hated that I had to use the sticks.
  9. I am super excited for this set of games. When I sold my ps2 collection I kept those 3.
  10. Sad news. I might check it out later to see how cool it is. I got a backlog, as does everyone, I'd like to start whittling down. I did enjoy perma death though so I'll prob like this one too.
  11. So, funny story. While I was farming for money yesterday I noticed that the same ships had the same number of Dynamic Resonator's every time they came in including this one. http://i65.tinypic.com/2u7pq94.jpg This one always came with 2 DR's. The cool thing about this ship was that it always came selling 4 Anti-Matter:applause:. I was able to farm Money and Antimatter at this location so now all I really need is Thamium9 to make these all into Warp Cells. http://i67.tinypic.com/2d6exg.jpg I'm having a lot of trouble finding a ship with a Sigma upgrade in it. I've been in all 3 alien dominated systems thinking that I could have better chances, but to no avail.
  12. That makes me happy. That makes me very happy. Did I just miss that in a post? I swear I didn’t read that anywhere, then again I can’t find my phone when I’m talking on it. That makes this grind a lot more tolerable. I’ll probably just go for the full 170 warp cell Freighter then. I’d rather get that all done, then I can do the 2 hr warp Anomaly for Black holes during the week. I work from home so I can use my breaks to make progress to the center. I did some math on the resources I’ll need for the full freighter. I have 17 Anti-matter from finding them on ships during the Money grind so I’ll only need 153 more of those, and I did get the Suspension Fluid recipe which is just 50 Carbon. So I can make each from scratch with the materials gathered from the space station and my Freighter. Each Warp cell: 50 Carbon 50 Heridium 20 Zinc 100 Plutonium 100 Thamium9 153 Anti-matter to get to a 170 total is: 7650 Carbon 7650 Heridium 3060 Zinc 15300 Plutonium Then 17000 Thamium9 to make the Cells. I am having fun though.
  13. The Grind is Real. Got a Freighter and my second ship. Now.. the Warp Cells. I was planning to fill up my 16 slot freighter with Cells, then I read about only needing 120 (God bless you for that) so that'll save me a bit. Not much but enough to make me want to continue. And you know what the "best" part about this is? Doing it again on survival.
  14. Can you do me a favor and tell me how we can get Thamium9 from freighters? I'm starting the money grind now and Thamium is now the only thing I'm not too sure on how to get in large quantities.
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