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  1. Oh damn, really? I didn't know that, thanks man. I was wondering why the feat of prowess for Bounty Hunter asked for a win on every level. Looks like I just gotta do one more map on Fumigation and then spend the rest of my team in Psychic Warfare to get slap kills and hopefully some wins.
  2. In case you guys thought I was lying: http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/1800/scoresg.jpg Another thing that's been pretty awesome is I only need one more win in Fumigation and Bounty Hunter. Matches go flawlessly until I hit the map I need. Then, all of a sudden, I get disconnected or booted from the server and then it's back to playin the other maps. I don't think I'll ever 100% this game, and it's not for lack of skill.
  3. Anyone who compares mobile games to Vita games is a moron. Mobile games are distractions while you're takin a shit. Vita games are full length experiences.
  4. There are probably a lot of good reviews because this game is fuckin awesome.
  5. I'm confused. I thought the Vita had no games?
  6. I also skipped the PS2 generation, which is why I'm loving these HD collections.
  7. Cool, thanks, cause my idea was to split up games to different memory cards. So one would have PSP games, one would have Vita games, etc. depending on how much room is needed.
  8. Nothin? I guess I can find out for myself whenever I get around to buying a 32 GB card.
  9. Leave your PSN and I'll add you. I realized the reason I'm always on the shitty team is because the others are likely parties up. Hopefully if you leave your PSN, you're at least decent at the game. Once again, this is not a boosting thread. No one plays this game anymore? I just lost a 3 on 1 match because my two other teammates were fuckin horrendous.
  10. Never mind, I'll post my findings in the trophy guide thread.
  11. Your descriptions/checkpoints are wrong on a couple of them in the 1-7-2-2 range. I know 2-2 is definitely wrong because I have the hat where you say it is but that's not the 2-2 hat. *edit* Okay, so 2-1 is the Wizard Hat and 2-2 is the Juice Jug. Also, you should say as soon as the fence stops for the first time because if you keep going down, the fence continues on. I actually found it using the other trophy guide's shitty description, but it was actually more precise: Near the beginning, jump on one of the first buildings and jump down to the roof below.
  12. How would that make any significant increase in sales? Then people would just be able to share a Vita and share games between each other.
  13. I don't mean with more than one account, just with one account. Is there any hoops you have to jump through to use a different memory card or is it as simple as just putting the other memory card in? Also, how does changing memory cards affect your layout of icons? Does it change depending on the card? Sorry for the simple (maybe dumb) questions but for some reason, I thought that it was harder than that to use more than one memory card.
  14. So are all the hats on the dolls except the one where you fall in the water?
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