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  1. @RANDOM BAPTIZER did you find anyone if not im game add me
  2. Just got a ps3 that works want to go back to a few games. Was wondering if servers are still running
  3. Thank you i ended up loading a save i had that was at 17% and replayed from there trophies got back on track from that point. Advice for new remastered players keep a few extra saves
  4. So im around 51% game completion i went and did weird science and trophy didnt pop i continued to play i upgraded a stronghold completely no trophy now i did http/decker mission and again no trophy should i delete and reinstall game data ?
  5. Almost summer in her

  6. Just wanted to know if its worth the 10 bux before the sale is over thanks in advance
  7. Since the last reported unlock of 'Job Done' trophy was november 14th 2019 , the boosting team im in has noticed there hasnt been any servers open for game mode " combat missions" which is whats needed to obtain the 'job done' trophy. We are asking ea for answer but all we are getting is the game is no longer supported. Please be aware ill try to update if they do answer to us
  8. Just wondering if the servers were still running on bc1 been trying to play and finish some ps3 games before its too late this ones only 8 online trophies away from plat in my list
  9. Add me psn: DOMINIRICANKiiD ill be on week night timezone est
  10. Need stadium trophy add me say stadium trophy on fr description
  11. Socoms community was strong and different
  12. hey I guess online fixed need most online trophies send me a msg thru psn and ill add fl might be full so just msg me
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