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  1. So I am curious if I just have horrible look or if other people are experiencing this as well. On the Treasures of Britain collectible, the tablet that is located at the "old cellar". I was able to collect the tablet but apparently the game didn't recognize that I got it and the collectible isn't registering as been collected. I have already even collected Excalibur, which needs all of the tablets meaning that I got it and yet the game is not showing this. Now this is very frustrating considering I already got Excalibur so had to have collected it and this is preventing me from 100% of the territory and obtaining a platinum trophy on this game. Not only was I unlucky enough for this to happen to me but also the world event "Aegir's Daughters" in Jotunheim where you must listen to stories and drink until you pass out, was completed but yet the game doesn't recognize it and is holding me back towards my hundred percent completion. I'm curious if anybody else is experiencing this or if anyone has any ideas for me to overcome this issue
  2. My son refers to these games as Pew pews
  3. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me but I've been patiently sitting back awaiting the remake/remastered addition of the original Assassin's Creed game to be made. For some unknown reason this game is not been added to the PS now collection either. I'm just speaking for myself but this really chaps my ass. The introduction of the Assassin's Creed game was absolutely revolutionary.
  4. The KOTOR games would be epic. I don't know anything about 3 cuz they released Knights of the old republic for the PC, think that ruined idea for a 3rd installment. I played, and beat, both of the original games and was very satisfied with them. Had not seen a plot twist similar prior to this installment.
  5. So I would like to agree with ya on this suggestion. I was really only a fan of the original Syphon Filter and intimately agree with the Metal Gear 1. This game was a beast back in the day.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. How's it goin? I was recently playing on my PSNow subscription and began to think about old titles and how I thought that they should be Remastered. The main game that came to mind for me was "Dante's Inferno". I'm curious to see what others might think about this and some other suggestions of Games that need to be considered.
  8. Thank you for your help, both Terminator & Sellers. Now am I going to be missing out on anything did to being unable to rate games?
  9. Hello there. My name is Stephen and I am New to the site, other than tracking trophies, and I'm running into a problem with rating the games. I do not own a PC so I'm only accessing the site with my android phone or my fire tablet. The window which allows you to rate a title has a slider bar and I'm unable to click and hold to adjust the slider. Is there something that I am missing that will allow me to do this or will I have to get on a PC to do it? Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey there, I'm Stephen & wanted to let others know I am in board for most co-op objectives for Far Cry 5. I have the season pass & am Available most evenings. I'm in the eastern US time n work till 4 thhrough the week. Get at me
  11. How's it goin? I'm currently working on getting the hang of posting on and updating my account to this site. I'm not an owner of a PC so the constant struggle to get things done fro. My mobile device has been difficult. I'm not sure why this site doesn't already but it really needs to get in League with Sony and allow the PS PS Network trophies to just directly sync up with the site.

  12. I am a huge fan of the star wars universe and have been looking for actual gamer feedback on how the game is. Is it worth the purchase? I was a huge fan of the force unleashed Games, Battlefront games and the KOTOR games for the original xbox. Would you recommend getting this title to a dedicated gamer whose looking for an in depth story and great gameplay?
  13. I am a dedicated gamer who loves several different types of Games, depending upon what mood I am In, whether I am playing solo or what type of experience I am looking for. I have to say that I am not happy with a lot of the DLC which is released for Games. I feel like it allows the creators to rush development and put an unfinished game on the retail shelves. I'm alright with the free DLC which adds on or improved the game but to have to pay more for things that should have already been included is a big slap in the face to me after purchasing a game for $50+.
  14. I will still purchase the PS5 if there is no backwards compatibility but will be both very surprised and very upset about it.
  15. Am I able to still add PS3 games to my collection with my PS+ account, through the online store?
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