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  1. Want a non-translated through google version? Here you go Every Last One of Them Collect all trophies What I Had to Do Complete the story Survival Expert Learn all player upgrades Arms Master Fully upgrade all weapons Archivist Find all artefacts and journal entries Master Set Find all trading cards Numismatist Find all coins Prepared For the Worst Find all workbenches Mechnaist Fully upgrade a weapon Specialist Learn all player upgrades in one branch Safecracker Unlock every safe Sightseer Visit every location in downtown Seattle Journeyman Find all training manuals Survival Training Learn 25 player upgrades High Calibre Find all weapons In the Field Find 12 workbenches Tools of the Trade Craft every item Tinkerer Upgrade a weapon Apprentice Learn a player upgrade Starter Set Find 5 trading cards Mint Condition Find 5 coins Hidden Trophy Hidden Trophy Hidden Trophy Relic of the Sages Find the Strange Artefact So Great and Small Find the Engraved Ring
  2. Happy Birthday Sir Brian

  3. Happy birthday Woz!

  4. Happy Birthday Sir Woz

  5. Hey Woz, Happy Birthday...hope that you have a fantastic day!

  6. The first boss is barely a minute away from the start and you can skip all the enemies along the way. It's not even really a boss, it's a tutorial. Personally, instead of getting agitated, I looked at it from a trophy hunting perspective. You need to grind a million souls, something that took me a couple hours after earning every other trophy so look at those short runs as opportunities to collect more souls and reducing the amount of grinding you'll do later. Most of the bosses are really close to a checkpoint. Make sure to activate the nearest serpent hole. Half of them are within 10 seconds of one. The Sloth one is the worst. I struggled with it and left it until I was level 35 and came back and wrecked him. If you're going for platinum, look at any deaths as an opportunity to farm souls. The game isn't perfect. I played most of the game before the two patches that came out at launch and it's much improved from those earlier states and it's getting much better. I lost a 7 hour playthrough to a game breaking bug which has been since fixed. Even with all that, I still found the game to be really fun. It actually starts off really difficult and becomes easier every minute from there. Just make sure to collect all the crystals, artifacts and adamantine you can find. You can level yourself up really quick by shattering all your crystals into souls to make things much easier on you. I didn't like how the game stops to load often but got used to it. Most are for just a few seconds. I didn't like how off I got lost but once I found the path I realized I was just being stupid.
  7. It is the same thing for the artifacts, humans and Adamantine
  8. The bugs will eat the red or purple goo that's on the ground. Lead one to the goo and when their butts start glowing you can pick them up and throw them at objects that can't be destroyed otherwise (at least until you get the appropriate weapon). I'm ok with the lack of map. It bothered me at first but as I played on, I appreciated the lack of map.
  9. Most boss battles have a checkpoint fairly close. Sloth's is the worst as you have to fight there each time.
  10. I never played the other ones but I really enjoyed this one very much. I have about 30 hours played on my current save. My original save experienced a game breaking bug 7 hours in but I sent the devs a video of it and they told me that it would be fixed in patch 1.02 which just released and it fixed it, YAY. There's some occasional technical issues but it didn't stop me from enjoying this. It felt like Dark Souls Lite. I've done a lot of exploration looking for humans and the 3 chunks of Adamantine, for which I've only found one . There is currently a good glitch that is popping the hardest difficulty trophy even if you play on easy. Hopefully that happens for you. I don't know how to recreate it but I did switch between a couple difficulties throughout so maybe that caused it, I don't know. There is at least one missable trophy, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Just be aware of it and you should be fine. I believe the Parting Gift trophy is also missable and I'm fairly sure how I missed it but for spoiler reasons I'll hold off until I verify. Not sure if anything is missable. The trophies for collecting or spending points add up everything from all save files. So if you found 10 humans on one save file and found the same 10 humans on another, you'll pop the 20 human trophy. Doubt the newest patch addressed that.
  11. Here's a quick trophy guide for you. Get 100% completion in all districts, do all research, craft every suit and if you're missing anything else it will only take 5 more minutes. You can just play through the game and not worry about trophies at all and be fine. I don't want to post the trophy list, it always upsets someone if they accidentally see a spoiler
  12. Happy Birthday Woz

  13. Thanks for the puss and boots trophy guide!!

  14. I've been a bit busy, for that I apologize. We must jump into a game sometime to catch up and reminiscence of the old days
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