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  1. Your "Share your tracks" thread has been re-opened. Enjoy. :)

  2. This is separate from the boosting thread. This thread is solely dedicated to putting your PSN out there for others that make tracks and want to share them / get feedback. If you have any tracks hit me up. GT: Zxello
  3. Just beware people: If you arent' willing to try and fail, a lot... don't get this game. It's fun, but completing the stars takes work and memorizing the tracks. I feel like I'm playing a button masher fighter game at some points...
  4. For those looking, it just dropped on to PSN. I'm DLing now.
  5. I'll be buying it as soon as it actually shows up! It totally looks like my kind of game. I have been waiting for this since I first saw the sneak peak details on IGN.
  6. I've been waiting all morning for this game to get released. I've never bought anything on the PSN before but I assumed it would be similar to XBOX Live: usually around 10am the day of the release.
  7. Demon's Souls English Wiki: Stats Found that for any other newbies that had questions.
  8. I honestly appreciate the response Phorus, although I'm not at home and I can't compare the symbols from the screen shot to the ones on the picture. It's REALLY difficult to make out the symbol because of the glare...
  9. Instead of making another thread maybe I should just post it here. I'm starting brand new too. I just made it to the (first?) boss in the Archstone of the Burrower King. If anyone wants to answer questions I'd be happy to hear answers! How do you tell how much a weapon, shield, armor etc needs of which stat? I've found lots of stuff but can't really use any of it. I've been focusing on Endurance / Vitality to start, will work on str and dex next. Is there any point in keeping older junk you find? I haven't found a single place to sell crap.
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