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  1. I know this is an older thread but would anyone be able to point me in the direction of how to find a copy Physical? I've been checking ebay regularly and either it doesnt show or it's not listed in the title as Korean and I dont know what the rating sticker for the KR version looks like. Any help would be appreciated. I know it's going to be pricey but still cannot find it anywhere. Also I'm in the US so most country specific websites wont recognize my address so wont let me order so it has to be a US based website or one that ships to US (hope that makes sense) PS Play-Asia is out of stock.
  2. Perfect guide. Finally found one that actually goes step by step and not "do this for the next 10 stops" I hate trying to count how many times it stops to remember, so now this is my go to guide for Steins;Gate 0 and what i suggest to others doing it. Saved it on my bookmarks for trophy guides. Thank you.
  3. You should be able to complete this within 30-45 minutes. Just don't touch the sensitivity setting cause once you do it makes the game almost impossible to deal with. Just leave everything on default and you're good to go in about 45 minutes.
  4. I would definitely say between 1 and 3 hours just depending on how good you get with the game and the skill you have with clearing levels. I had a difficult time my first platinum on this but was easier the more I kept playing the stacks. Luckily the devs gave the option to play whatever level you want instead of having to go straight through
  5. Its definitely a 7 for me. I'm so frustrated with the game. I see in the replies something about activating some glitch where the enemies dont fire which would be nice.
  6. I voted an 8/10 based on the casual gamer just playing the game for the platinum without any knowledge of guides or the save trick. Trying to beat the game without dying and getting all the ID tags and stuff without any walkthrough would be a very difficult game. Even with all the info and guides it's still a 6 for me personally.
  7. Definitely a 1/10. I would have even done 0/10 it's that easy. Takes about 10-15 minutes to walk through the "haunted house" style and then put a baseball cap in your VR headset and let it set idle for 2 hours in the house and you're done. Nothing difficult at all.
  8. Definitely will take 2 hours simply based on time based trophies.
  9. Definitely can be done without the guide from Rus in around 3 hours. I'd say closer to 2 but 3 to be safe.
  10. 3/10 without a guide and likely 1 or 2/10 with one. With only 3 missable trophies it's not all that difficult, more so just time consuming
  11. I voted a 6 due to the game really not giving any true description or information on how to actually play the game. I found when I played it I was stuck in more areas due to not knowing how to find the objects or complete each floor
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