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  1. It works. It took a little bit of figuring out because I couldn't find any clear instructions anywhere, but it works. The trick: when you select Easy+ or Normal+, it first asks you to Load a save file for the NG+. Do so. Once the load is complete, it will ask you where to Save the game. The Save screen is when you cancel/back out. Now you select Hard. It will want to Save as it does with every new game. Do so. You have to get through some tutorial missions to actually see your upgrades, but you can tell right away that it worked by checking your Save file. It will have a + after the mission name if you did it correctly.
  2. Don't want to spam the thread, but no sir, thank YOU 👍

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      Don't thank me, thank OxiClean!

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      Thanks, OxiClean! 



  3. Terminator got most of the posts in this thread back in September (thanks again, Terminator!) however it looks like one got overlooked. Just some video links that need to be converted into something watchable or clickable. Thanks!
  4. Eh, it was pretty easy for Microsoft to do it. I'm playing Psychonauts 2 on Steam. In the options menu was a place to log into a Microsoft account. I did that and now I'm also getting achievements on my Xbox profile as I unlock the achievements while playing on Steam. I assume the same is true in other Xbox/Microsoft published titles on Steam, but I've bought all the ones I've played through the Xbox store for the Play Anywhere compatibility (I get a digital copy for both PC and Xbox at the same time). So it's definitely possible. I can't even begin to imagine Sony doing it though, they're so greedy this generation. They have no Play Anywhere, they have no Smart Delivery (pay $10 if you want an upgrade, L-O-fucking-L), they don't even launch games on console and PC simultaneously and instead do staggered releases in the hopes people will buy the same game multiple times. They're not going to let you unlock PSN trophies by playing on Steam no matter how easy it is from a technical perspective, because that takes away an incentive for the player to buy both versions of the game, and Sony can't have that. Be a good little consumer and buy the game twice.
  5. Well, all my guides are updated finally.



  6. Updated for the new forum. Also that extension was gone, so I found another replacement. This time the extension comes directly from Mozilla, so hopefully it doesn't disappear. If it does, see everyone in another 6 years I guess. 🤪
  7. Hello. Long time no see. Probably don't remember me, but I used to be active on the forums.

    Just wanted to ask, why do you think JK Rowling is transphobic? And did you like Harry Potter before? Because I know I still love both.

    Okay, thanks in advance for any reply.

  8. No luck. Even using the "Insert image from URL" button just turns red if I try to use that link.
  9. Alright, this probably isn't the right thread for this, but it seems like the closest possible thread out of what's stuck between the Guide area and the Feedback area. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/252111-retro-city-rampage-dx-trophy-guide-and-road-map/?do=findComment&comment=5094958 I cannot get that last trophy tile to show up/embed (technically making it a missing image). None of the methods I know work. It seems silly, but will it just not let me embed that because the file name "ad5"? 😂
  10. Got all the table of contents links and the images working again. https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugw9ceFz5cJv8JziM1N4AaABCQ
  11. Oh. That's very easy. All I need to do is probably hit edit post and then save it without making any changes then, since the URLs are still there. ... Nope, okay, had to copy/paste the link, then click the link that appeared at the bottom to post plain text, then POOF it turned into an image like magic. Nice. ...Oh yeah, there is a giant white "Insert image from URL" button down there that only an idiot would miss. 😳 Thank you both very much!
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