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    A german gamer guy - please be patient with me if my engurish sounds off :)
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    Bavaria (The only state where germans wear Lederhosen)

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  1. I gave it a 3/10 because some fights can be tricky. Timewise its around 10hrs. Since there is no guide yet, I'll share some info. The game is awesome and the trophies are all pretty easy. As of now, you have two seperate trophy list if you happen to have a ps5, but there is NO crosssave and, therefore, no auto-popping. Worst trophy is "Suicidial" were you have to die a 100 times. I just ran without armor (on hard) into the scrapland (Arkology Highstreet>the Node>Grigoris Workshop) and let the robots use their Recycling Protocol on me. The two online trophies can be done via local couch coop with a second controller. If you miss a location for the Trophy "Explorer", its most likely the Outskirts, which can be entered via the Metrostation in Blossom Hills(Arkology warrens). Move to the right until you can go South-west to enter the outskirts. If you think you found a glitched quest, theres two solutions. Either restart your game or check again later. Some quests will just seem to be broken ("The Recipe" for example) but if you progress far enough in the main story line, it will go all well in the end. If you still miss a quest or two for the "For both our benefits" Trophy, check the Golden Satori Casino and the Dirty Dive Bar (Stimtown).
  2. I just used my PS4 saves to auto pop and I also only got 70% in both games. But atleast I got all the difficulty setting related trophies aswell as the 6hr speedrun. Only a few mob ups are missing. Hope they will fix this. But for now, I will enjoy both games.
  3. Already playing. Its really nice so far. Only concern is the double playthrough. But if its fun, its worth playing more than once.
  4. No, it was the first I got back in july 2020. It might have to do that I forgot all the controls and opend up the photo mode twice while the auto pop was going on.
  5. So I started my upgrade, transfered my ps4 file and after all the auto pops I got no plat because the trophy for the photomode was missing. A bit strange so you might wanna check your trophies for missing ones. Yes, I just installed and patched it on my ps4 and after I loaded my save file I had full access to the DCs content.
  6. I have a lil over 52 hrs on my save file. Its a very enjoyable game. Gave it a 4/10 for difficulty.
  7. Took me 34 ish hrs. Wasted some time running around looking for stuff.
  8. Awesome news! That convinced me to play the game before I start FFVIIR for the Trophy Event going on right now.
  9. 1/10 Very easy to obtain - It was a pleasure
  10. 99 hours - because you can goof around and waste so much time in VR. (maingame, no dlc played yet)
  11. It is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of hours. I voted 3/10 because it can have some tough fights, especially if you refuse to play on lower difficulties. Skyrim VR was worth every coin I had to spend.
  12. 14 hours - took a lot of time to enjoy all the scenery
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