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    A trophy-hunter since 2o13. I'm here to meet people who <3 Games & Trophies just like me!
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    Mystic Falls, Germany
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    Playstation 4, Movies & Just Black-Music!
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    State-Approved Foreign Language Correspondent

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  1. The Lost City (2022) 3/10, didn't feel it. Unplugging (2022) 4/10, only watched it because of Eva Longoria. Blacksite (2022) 6/10, not on a big production value. Was just curious what gorgeus Michelle Monaghan been up to lately.
  2. That one actually looks not so bad. I will watch it regardless. So Ella Balinska plays Jade Wesker in this one interesting.
  3. Thought I can take on a camp all by myself and got destroyed by 6 guys and a Witch on top of that who spawns new guys and also heals them. Give me a break.
  4. Tribes of Midgard Just unlocked the last randomly on DAY14 the missing class "Berserker" hence all eight unlocked now.
  5. Tribes of Midgards Reached season level 50 (max) no more XP to go. Farming golden horns now. Nothing much else to do.
  6. Right. For me it's those regular punk Burial Watchdogs in various catacombs. But who knew that Crystal Darts can actually confuse them for a limited time makes fighting them a childplay.
  7. HALO - S01E08 One more episode to go till the finale.
  8. Tribes of Midgard Managed to get passed DAY15 with only three random players defending each corner of the village, this one is tough in saga mode world. Warden class unlocked yessir! Everyone bailed via Bifrost when the Jötunn approched. Testing out the fresh unlocked Warden class.
  9. Tribes of Midgard With randoms in saga world mode. Only 14 days survived, one more would be needed to unlock the Warden class (survive 15 days). But the Jötunn Angrboða that arrived was freaking brutal. Only three of us left and already arrived at the village. We did however managed to complete the Saga story which requires to build certain items and kill the Saga boss in its lair. Tons of XP and unlocks after I chicken out via Bifrost. Currently season level 42. Eight more to go. Edit: Right the next match after this with randoms we got to DAY15 with only three players defending each corner. Warden class unlocked yessir!
  10. Got it from my boss at work. It's called "QualityLand". Some Science-Fiction novel. At least my kind of topic. It's an astounding satire of the future that sometimes feels closer to the present than you could wish for. QualityLand spent months on the German bestseller lists, has up to now been translated into twenty-four languages and the HBO is planning an adaptation. Reading it feels like reading the show Love Deaths + Robots on Netflix.
  11. Tribes of Midgard Reached level 35. Just unlocked the Seer class. Finally.
  12. 100%. Was somewhere at 95% a few minutes ago. 😋
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