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  1. I'd be happy to shareplay anyone needing help. I've platinum this game 3 times. Hit me up on PSN @dokkanexpert
  2. Fucking amazing i just got platinum in 2 seconds!
  3. alright, well I've read everything so now it's time to play! THNX FOR THIS GUIDE BRO!
  4. I missing the one on fourth row second column. Any ideas?
  5. in 45 mins im gonna attempt to do a speed run of this game and platinum it in at least 1.5hrs.
  6. ok i can confirm as of Septermber 14th, after 25 tries... the minifun is NOT in the tutorial. Had to get my trophy in the Mall -- best area they swarm in.
  7. Dammit, I was kinda hoping the Vouchers *DID* work for others as well as me. I am currently testing the 15 minute Investigation/Minature Crown thing. So far, got a Pukei-Pukei on the first go!
  8. Right now I'm 8 for 8, so currently 100%. Before I started crown farming for platinum a few days ago, I only had about 2 Large Crowns and 4-5 Small. A couple vouchers a few days ago and I got BOTH trophies (10/10). Today, 3 more times, I got a total of 6 crowns. I'm so far averaging 2 Crowns per Voucher. It's not concrete. It's possibly a coicidence. It's not "false". And I take screenshots of every crown. It's something I am testing on my own accord but since I saw this post, I thought I'd share my findings. Besides, "double" zenni... Lucky Vouchers can also possibly be used as a "double everything" (zenni, rewards, crown rates??) But this testing isn't concrete yet until someone else tries. I mean, what else you gonna use your LV's for? Try using a Lucky Voucher when doing a 5 monster event and reporting back to here. I will resume testing tomorrow morning (12 hours from now) -- and report my results here.
  9. did about 30 tempered quests per day with my clan a few months ago and never got a single L or S crown. NEVER. Pop an event with a Lucky Voucher and the gold crowns fly!
  10. I can concur that this DOES in fact work. Been using lucky vouchers since we get 2 per day. Every time I use a lucky voucher, I get a gold crown.
  11. Thanks for this guide! Got platinum in 6 hours. Had to go back to chapter 4 for a gameover i missed and chapter 2 for 3 cookies i missed! Thanks again man! +1 rep on all pages of your walkthrough!
  12. So I'm currently playing the game and I'm on Chapter 5. I went thru the trophy list out of curiousity and noticed that the "LEFT THE FAUCET ON" trophy did not pop even though I did leave the water on. Any solutions?
  13. this game seems almost not worth it for only 12 trophies. :/
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