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  1. Brilliant, thank you @Slamma appreciate the response 👍
  2. Great guide, the game is easy anyway but with the guide it is a cake walk, 7 hours tops & 1 playthrough. The video guide linked in the trophy guide is excellent if you prefer vids to text & pics.
  3. I didn't play the 3rd game but this is definitely weaker than 1 and 2, 1 being my favourite as I never warmed to Chloe in the 2nd. I did however warm quite quickly to Alex in this one even if I found the game to be a bit slow, the LARP chapter was great and I really enjoyed the emotional hit of chapter 5 but as mentioned above it felt short and the characters weren't developed enough for you to really care.
  4. It wasn't quite a 1 due to having to actually do something for the trophies (unlike a TT game) but apart from maybe 1 or 2 trophies which need a specific conversation first you will likely get all trinkets before finishing without a guide. With a guide this is definitely a 1. Very easy, very short but decent story in the end.
  5. Great news, back in the day when this site was PS3trophies.org there was a thread to create your own trophy list for past games which did not support them and I chose Max Payne 1 but for the life of me I can't find the thread to see how far off I was with my list! Great game and hopefully a decent trophy list to boot - bullet time here I come
  6. As we know Persona 5 will be leaving the game collection on PS5 & I have seen some conflicting info online hence I am here to see if anyone can clarify: Can I download the game to my HD now from the collection to keep it for ever even after it leaves the collection? I don't want to start the game yet so downloading from the tile in the game collection tab wont start the game up will it or does it? Any advice appreciated.
  7. A 3 from me, great game which builds on the foundations HZD. I found the trickiest trophy to be the Enduring, nailing the melee pit tutorials was a pain and then the final fight was probably the toughest in the game. Mopped up all trophies before completing (I like the plat to ping after the final battle) and it took around 70 hours.
  8. 16 - 20 hours as I had to replay a couple of chapters to get the upgrade trophies. All in all a great game and I look forward to the sequel.
  9. Voted a 2 but could have been a 1, pretty straight forward, though I did have to replay a couple of chapters after beating the game to fully upgrade my equipment but didn't take long. Good game.
  10. Brilliant guide thank you, really enjoyable game, perhaps my surprise hit of this year! Just wish it was PS4 as well as PS5 that was on PS+ and I could have double platted.
  11. I voted a 2, there are loads of videos around each special operation so completing them should be no issue, I couldn't get the glitch to work for killing 3 insurgent leaders so had to wait an extra 2 weeks for the platinum to pop but I think it might have been because I wasn't off line at the time 🤷‍♂️ Took less than 40 hours but the insurgent leaders only took around an hour to complete each week with spec ops, checkpoints, anti aircraft guns etc. I like Far Cry games and enjoyed this one but preferred 5!
  12. Took me 19 hours but can be much quicker, I left the infamy levels until near the end of the story which was a mistake! I would recommend eating humans and being a nuisance from the start as the last few levels take a while to get up to 10 so just do them as you go along (you have to do some to get the story to progress).
  13. I gave it a 2 although I was tempted to give it a 1 but that is really just for walking sims! No real problems here had to scout the area a but for a couple of collectables and if you max everything out before going for the infamy levels it should be a breeze. No glitches - PS5.
  14. Popped the platinum last night on PS5 no issues or glitches, I cleared the map before the last mission (including infamy levels) and the remaining trophies all popped after beating scaly Pete.
  15. Great guide thank you, as mentioned in the other thread it might be worth pointing out that you don't have to get every snack pod in the game juts one from each area and all of them in one area for the trophy. The trophy guide does mention this but as it shows the location of every snack pod I mistakenly thought you had to get them all.
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