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  1. Playing Project CARS 3, it’s really different than the previous ones and more like a spiritual sequel to Driveclub.
  2. I have a 1:04:349 time on whale lagoon, easily beatable if anyone wants the trophy add me but please tell me which track and bad time you set on the friend request so I could get the trophy as well. RHD89
  3. These currently. I have a lot of back catalouge games that I need to finish and grouping the games in one folder and only forcing myself to play them seem to work with me, finished a lot of games lately doing this method. I made this thread nearly 10 years ago, damn I feel old!
  4. I need "Hitting it off", DLC: Zombies: "ReZolution" and "Gold MedaliZt" PSN: RHD89 Update: No longer needed
  5. Arumat

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Hello, looking to boost “Backseat Driver” Add me on PS4: RHD89
  7. Need for Speed and Assassin Creed Syndicate, cant wait till I add Fallout 4 to this list.
  8. also anyone who has the deluxe edition can get unlimited money by buying a car then instantly selling it, since all cars are 10% off you get more money selling them and re-buying them.
  9. PSN: RHD89 I need Changing Lanes and Brother in Arms. I am online now, and pretty much through the whole day. EDIT: Got both trophies with Ram Jam Randy, thx buddy.
  10. I just got Watch dogs platinum and now I will start knocking off the online trophies of battlefield 4.
  11. Didn't they fixed this on the latest patch? I travel there all the time with no errors.
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