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  1. Don’t know if anyone reads this but I’m looking for a level 65 mayhem 10 scoville ive got pretty much anything you’d like message me in PSN is the beat way to get me
  2. I’m looking for a high level Rico shield if anyone can give me. I’ll trade you anything I have Message me on Psn if you can help
  3. I need help with the perfect firing range score Message me on Psn if you can help
  4. Yep I said fuck thst in the two ps3 versions, and don’t plan on getting it on the ps4 versions The heli escort missions are a close second —————- Edit, and let me say FUCK WHOEVER THOUGHT THST PANDAD SHIT WAS A GOOD IDEA OR EVER REMOTELY FUN Yeah, that’s just a stupid rating
  5. How in the hell, do you get those dials to spin?
  6. How in the world do you get this to skip on the vita?
  7. More thjngs added, including limited run Fata Morgana
  8. Ok, i just added a bunch of things, i've got more to play and i'll ad more soon (hopefully)
  9. just updated this with new items, and lowered prices of older items, i'm pretty sure all of these are the cheapest on ebay Post or PM me if you have any questions
  10. i can't even load it, and it crashes
  11. yeah they are all sold out also on the disk version every time i go near the underdome, it crashes, every time i exit the game, it crashes, everything seems to crash
  12. Quick question for those of you guys who have played this In the original AC3 you had to do all objectives in the same run..... After that the series changed where if you got an objective, it remembered and you dint need to do it again What is the deal with the remaster? Did they fix that problem, or is it still all one run?
  13. I just realized I have akorean trinity universe https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/788-trinity-universe If there’s a demand I’ll put it up in my next wave. I can’t find anyone selling one or anything at all about it
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