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  • Birthday 02/25/1989

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    4/3/13 - 2nd Kidney Transplant
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    GMT -4
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    MLB 15: The Show (PS4)
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    60 Plats by year's end.

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  1. 5 years gone. We all miss you. 

  2. God damn. It just hit me that you left us nearly 5 and a half years ago. :pout:


    Just know that all of us are still proud of you. You take care and enjoy Royals baseball up there.

  3. Was thinking about out THL3 battle our teams had. I hope you are resting easy up in heaven buddy.

  4. Happy birthday jm. Take care wherever you are.

  5. Happy Christmas, wherever you are mate :).

  6. Bubba Starling is getting the call up tomorrow! I remember you hyping him up before the draft. We were so excited when the Royals actually drafted him.


    Looking forward to watching him play, let's hope he is going to be a late bloomer.

  7. Happy Christmas, wherever you are mate :).

  8. Happy birthday man. We all miss you. :hug:

  9. Moved out of our town Johnny. Miss it though. My son graduated from high school right up the road from you. When I drive by the old house I think of you. Will always remember you.

  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new year (where-ever you are) :).

  11. Merry Christmas dude! We're still thinking of you :xmas:

  12. Merry Christmas mate, where-ever you are :xmas:!

  13. Still missing you a ton dude. Every couple weeks I have one of those facebook memories come up where you sent me a post on my wall or commented on one of my statuses and it all comes back. I'm so glad we became friends.


    Merry Christmas J-Mo. :hug:

  14. I really miss seeing your name around here on the forums. You were someone I saw on a very regular basis when I was younger, and it just sucks to know that I won't see it ever again. I think you even gave me a infraction once when you were a mod or something, I can't remember, but I'm sure I deserved it because I used to be a little bastard all the time on here :p.


    And you have no idea how bad I regret never getting to play MW1 with you. The thought of that has popped into my head a lot of times actually.

  15. Still miss you, bud. :hug:

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