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  1. Both trophies can be missed. It sucks because you can’t simply use chapter select after beating the game. Your save will be reverted back to an earlier one, making farming for resources impossible. Be VERY stingy with resources, or you will have to do an almost entire 2nd playthrough. Also, you need tools to upgrade, so a guide would be nice to show where the locations are, since they are the rarest material in the game.
  2. I played this on both PS4/Vita and the treasure and 3 star trophies did not pop for me on the North American version. Deleted the games and played through them again and it still won’t work. I see people still platting this on psnprofiles so I don’t know what gives.
  3. Oh nice, been wanting to try this out. Although the hefty $30 price tag for a 4 hour game is a bit much.
  4. Thanks for responding so fast. I imagine I would struggle to navigate the menus since I can only read the Japanese names of Vocaloids.
  5. Does the physical version of Future Tone DX have a setting to change to English text?
  6. Any word on the patch? I don’t want to start a game with glitched collectibles.
  7. How do you obtain an orb from a pedestal without breaking it for Orb Archaeologist? Do you need a specific ability? I assume this trophy is technically missable since there are only so many in the game to collect.
  8. Yeah I don't have it unlocked either. It doesn't help that only a handful of people know about this game.. I hope they fix it or better yet add a platinum instead.
  9. Looks like you have to turn in all 20 bugs at once to the bunny for it to pop. As for the true ending I think killing the hidden boss negates the trophy for some reason.
  10. The Ivory Bug and True Ending trophies did not pop for me. I turned in the bugs to the bunny npc but no luck. I am wondering maybe one of the bugs glitched when I died and hit retry. Open to any suggestions, I don't want to waste my time on insane mode if the trophy is glitched.
  11. This game was really fun for the first 10 hours... then it all fell apart. The main problem it has is repetition and lack of variety. Everything from enemies, environments, the music, it all becomes mundane after a while. The loot system is also lacking and unfulfilling. This wouldn't be an issue if the game wasn't 50+ hours long, but it is. Having to run through the same stages 3-4 times fighting the same enemies over and over bored me to tears once I made it to level 60. It saddens me to see a game like this get mishandled. I must be the only one on this planet who feels this way, since its getting 9/10 across the board. I played all the soulsborne games and this one to me is just a sloppy version of them.
  12. RipvanX

    Death by Panic

    *delete thread*
  13. Well I have been waiting for them to fix the game crashes for this version but it looks like I will stick to PS3. I platted this a while ago but it would have been nice to have. So sick of developers half assing ports for a quick buck.
  14. Made it to NG+2, so I will give this one more shot using the detailed boss order. I had to sleep off my frustration but if it glitches again I am going to lose my mind.
  15. Apparently, if you defeat The Witch of the Lake before fighting Bloodless Prince it messes up the Scarecrow spawn and thus the Dominion ending. Great game design. Well so much for getting the platinum for this game. This is why game designers NEED to be more clear when it comes to missable content in games. This reminds me of the dialogue trophy in Tomb Raider where if you miss a single line of dialogue, you have to replay the whole game again. Hopefully they fix it in a later patch down the road, and perhaps add a map feature.
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