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  1. I've been playing Ghostwire: Tokyo. The atmosphere is fantastic and the DualSense features really immerse you in the game.
  2. #310 - Horizon Forbidden West The graphics were amazing and some of the best in gaming, but I found the story super boring. I'm glad that they improved the combat in this game, though. The melee attacks felt so much more satisfying.
  3. 2/10 for difficulty, and 32 hours and 54 minutes to obtain the . I played on Story difficulty and pretty much only did what was necessary for the .
  4. I finally got a chance to start Horizon: Forbidden West today. The graphics are absolutely stunning!
  5. It took me a bit under 17 hours for 100% trophy completion, which includes the base game, Future Sound, and Colorful Tone. I completed every song except for one on my first try, so I doubt this can be completed much faster. Just the base game took me a bit less than an hour, though.
  6. I voted 2/10 because I went for 100% trophy completion, which includes the base game, Future Sound, and Colorful Tone. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku from Future Sound is the hardest song to complete, but it still only took me 3 tries. Just the base game is only a 1/10 in difficulty, though.
  7. Great month for me. I've always wanted to play Team Sonic Racing, but never ended up buying it because of the questionable gameplay changes they made. Ghostrunner looks fantastic as well. I just hope my motion sickness won't prevent me from enjoying it!
  8. I'm currently revisiting Horizon: Zero Dawn and going through The Frozen Wilds expansion to get ready for the sequel.
  9. Honestly, I was expecting more than just showing off what PS4 or PS5 game you're currently playing. The initial announcement made it seem like there would be something much bigger, like having the PSN chat functionality integrated with Discord or something.
  10. Sony has plans to invest in several live-service games. This seems more like acqui-hiring since Bungie is so skilled in this area with the success of Destiny.
  11. You can find the link to login to see your stats in the blog post: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/01/20/reflect-on-your-2021-gaming-achievements-with-playstation-2021-wrap-up/ You get these cool avatars if you scroll to the bottom of your wrap-up and click on the "Get Your Reward" button: How did your year end up?
  12. I need to get my eyes checked! I think these numbers look a lot more manageable. Totally not saying this since I realize I made the leaderboard now.
  13. Neat idea! I didn't realize some of the members here have written over 200 guides alone! I think with the said intention of this leaderboard, there is some truth in what @MrMinderbinder is saying. It would be nice to go down to maybe the top 100. Guides can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming to write when you haven't written one before, and seeing 28 guides as the minimum to qualify for this leaderboard can be a bit discouraging for new guide writers or members.
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