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  1. The PS5 controller hurts my hand after using it especially my wrist. So I was wondering is there a more ergonomic PS5 controller out there? Seems with each new PS the controller is heavier and heavier.
  2. Those are good suggestions. Yes, congratulations to you on being the champion of the regular season and playoffs! @tomstlh @Mase @TheDoc87
  3. I am still stunned I even made the playoffs. Great round 1 Vazz, and thank you.
  4. I apologize for being MIA on the forum, but I'll play this year.
  5. What a crazy pick year. Had the lead for the first half of the season, lost it, and then regained the lead. It was fun to pick with you all this season!
  6. The real NFL does this as well with each round so makes sense we incorporate it into our league for next season.
  7. Spread is hard work and don't have time to think that much lol 😆
  8. You get a strike...everyone gets a strike (except for a few smart ones lol)
  9. I thought I was done for when I picked the Astros in 6. Goof stuff @mcolwander90 I am okay with sharing gold with you buddy Also, @Jake_357 congratulations on the Braves
  10. If we do spreads again next year, then I'll go ahead announce my retirement lol.
  11. Still looking to the boost the online trophy for head-to-head for PS5. My PSN: TheDoc87 Just send me message for Madden boost and we can do this. EDIT: GOT IT!
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