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  1. Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again has 2 glitched trophies. Emerald - Collect 23 artifacts Diamond - Collect 46 artifacts Nobody on psn profiles has these, dev and pub are unresponsive, may make a permanent addition to this list unfortunately. Though, it does say 0.4% people have them, still 0 on psn profiles.
  2. You can't be added due to your privacy settings. Also, looking to boost some kills. SirkSirk Edit: done
  3. I'm surprised with how long this game has been out i can find absolutely nothing online about the keep on drifting challenge. This challenge bugs out when entering from the intended side(the side that starts you off with all the multiplier cones). But when you cross the gate before the end gate, it acts like I drove through the very first beginning gate, resets my score causing the run to be null and void. There are no multiplier cones from the other direction until halfway in making this challenge nearly impossible. Has anyone played this game recently and experienced the same problem?
  4. Can confirm tooled up is bugged. I even bought the level 10 gold skin on each weapon, no trophy.
  5. Gotchya... base game apparently got rid of all their campaigns. Picked the right time for a fast platinum but wrong time for a decent experience.
  6. They also changed a few other trophies. 5 heroic public events instead of the Flashpoint. They changed the crucible trophy as well. And the exotic trophy says you need 15 red war exotics which is the only trophy I'm puzzled with. No idea what a red war exotic is.
  7. Not very active here anymore, but have updated. Thanks!
  8. You and I, sir, share the same feelings. I don't care how many times they release RE4 though, i'll 100% it on every console. At least this will be the first time we get to play the game with 4 players. Was never able to get that many link cables and GBA's into the same house with a gamecube.
  9. I'm really skeptical about this, as in can you upload your save data after a win and keep downloading it after losses etc...? There's gotta be something because .26% of people on psnprofiles have it but only .27% have 20 total wins. Like... what are the chances of that?
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Probably the shortest level in the game, on top of the train, if I were to guess.
  12. 10 secret trophy should have popped before any of the tough jumps. If you didnt get it before using no clip, you are not getting the all secrets trophy regardless.
  13. The E-11 blaster was always inaccurate. The very first blaster you get(Bryar Blaster Pistol) is very accurate and I would definitely Italy recommend using over the E-11 for smaller targets or single storm troopers.
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