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    A pleasant and nice 27 yr old dude gamer. i'll try n help if i can. cheers!
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    playing games, watching tv, eating pizza and kickin it old school

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  1. I can confirm this works on Vita as well.👍🏻 Cheers.🥂
  2. Finally the plat! after the post I had trouble getting trophies again. So here’s what I did. >I deleted the game (yep, including the saved data). >downloaded the game again >synchronized the trophies to the psn server >turned off my WiFi through ‘settings’ >now start the game offline >!!IMPORTANT!! Do not press the PS button from now on! For some reason this messes with the trophy unlocking >now if the trophies start unlocking, you’re in business >now DO NOT quit the game or press the PS button on the lower left of the handheld! >try to play this game til completion, once you get the plat, you’re set >if you need a break or to charge the vita or whatever, ITS PERFECTLY FINE to use the ‘power’ button on the top left of your console to put the vita in a sleep mode hope this helps! 👍🏻
  3. Using a ps vita 2000 model, I can confirm this works. But I had to do this EVERYTIME I wanted to play it. So if you need a break, repeat these steps above and resume. It’s BS but it’s better than nothing? 😕 as for the challenges of the gods (which I didn’t miss at all), it’s recommended you save before the final boss then complete the game (to ensure the trophies pop if the steps were taken here) and immediately complete the challenges without quitting the game, plug the vita into the wall if ya must. So I’d recommend beating the final boss and then the challenges when you’re refreshed. and for the love of Aphrodite, don’t use the rage of the gods til challenge 10, it’ll help immensely, don’t be tempted Spartans! as far as letting the standby /resting mode affecting the trophies, I don’t know. I made sure the screen didn’t go dark. thank goodness the challenge trophy popped 😩 the game is really fun on Vita but the trophy glitches are a huge problem. Hopefully this helps you, warriors. ✌🏻
  4. For those still wondering, I just did one or two contracts a day. Today, I activated 2. Made some progress and went to sleep. Woke up and logged in and got the trophy as the contract was more of a bit of a grind than anything fancy. Ended up popping in the Ark command room place as it loaded.
  5. This sums up my thoughts pretty well. I’m having a hard time continuing. 😆Love the art style and semi-futuristic atmosphere of South Korea but those^^^ things hold the game back slightly. 300+ red shards is really unnecessary. Heh heh it’s Infamous all over again! Unfortunately no map power filter to show you where they are like Horizon Zero Dawn and even Tomb Raider. You’ll need to drive/walk around looking at your map (which you need to activate via touch pad menu each time) while losing your mind. online contracts, cool idea but not necessarily worth the effort, especially if the others go to sleep or something and you have to grind 900 kills yourself. That can add considerable frustration and time to the plat. I’ll see if I can continue but it’s not looking good. 😆 Really a fun game though, just unnecessary things to make it ‘last’ longer than it needs to.
  6. Looking for a boost partner for this title on PS4 psn: Dreadnought190
  7. If anyone is up to do the co op trophies; lemme know. 👍🏻 PSN: Dreadnought190
  8. This one definitely took a bit of luck on my part using nitro around corners help but also noticed using it on the curve towards the beginning of the lap (you’ll see a nitro towards the left around a big bump) plus hope the AI screws up definitely tricky on the vita
  9. Damn. Kinda saw this coming though. Guess I’ll play it a bit and say farewell to a game that had potential but was squandered.
  10. Hello there and thanks for coming to my thread! today id like to discuss saving the wolrd. ive watched some videos of it and it looks like one of my kinda games. Farming resources, defending a base, shooting things in their face hole. however, a dark cloud forms over this delightful looking mode as it’s no longer receiving updates? For some reason they put access to it in the ‘Machinist Mina’ pack on the ps store, which is odd. as for trophies, I don’t mind a grind (if I can grind 1,900 hours on Warframe, maybe this is doable. ) I’m not really interested in BR either. But I am curious. And curious if the trophies are glitchy. let me know your constructive criticisms in the comment section below! 👍🏻
  11. Sweet mercy this forum is dead. 😬 if anyone is absolutely desperate to finish the multiplayer trophy, I can help out. 👍🏻I was very lucky someone was playing after I got this game on sale. I don’t know if online has anything to do with the full version of this game. Good luck and happy racin. psn: Dreadnought190 USA central -6
  12. Looking to boost this bad boy. 25 matches and a championship. Be sure to mention ‘Ride 2 boost’ in the message. Thanks! psn: Dreadnought190 Central US time UTC -6
  13. This trophy buggy as hell. I must’ve tried a dozen times. Til I found out this tip from Martinhopp on psn profiles. Rally Poland, Mikolajiki Arena Driving: Pro Style Hard difficulty Now just drive carefully This was the only way it would pop for me!
  14. That’s why most people just play offline completely. Download what games ya need and disable the internet via settings on the ps3. Only play online if you need too.
  15. It’ll be more of a ‘boosted’ Fallout 4 with better visuals, performance and load times. Afraid no remastering of any sort, would be nice to plat this again though.
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