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  1. Well no, since you can buy it on Steam still... I can understand why they've done it. Console has legit full on issues. I'm on PC, and I'm still struggling to keep 60FPS high. Yet, I'm fine with other titles.
  2. I've always been alive smile.


    Just been on PC back and fourth. Though returning back to PS4 while I afk Trailblazer Leagues on Old School Runescape. 

    1. Darth_Krid


      Good to see you lad! Yeah remember you saying you’d switched to PC!


      Ah, RuneScape! Days were lost to that game in Year 8 🤣

  3. Yup, I had to recall over 20 days of holidays Taking half of them this week and next week.
  4. Hi, Thought I'd pop in. There's currently a bug going around that if you crash (depending on how lucky you are). Your save will become corrupted and you will remain on the game loading screen infinite before you load into the map. There is a way round this by starting a new save, not overwriting your old one, and loading it back up again. In doing this, you keep your progress. However, also in doing this. You lose your operatives and become a scuffed robotic Dalton. This is a problem for all platforms - PC, Xbox, and PS4. I've ran into this issue on the PC. There are also plenty of threads about this on Reddit as well.
  5. You don't want to know the amount of shit people are ordering online (sorry if you order via DHL and Hermes and your parcel is knackered. Nothing to do with me being pissed off while throwing them about in the trailer to make all pallets fit ). BBQs, tents, bags and bags of coal, shoes, bikes (fucking tonnes of the fuckers). You'd expect people to be saving money in a time like this, not spend it. Hope people are staying home and staying safe Wonder how many people are out today ignoring the guidelines.
  6. 100% fully agree with you. Half if not most of the events (sports) cancelled or postponed till early April now. With all Football in England being the latest to postpone everything. The one thing I don't like about this clusterfuck is the fact of the scaremongering tactics going on with the media and social media. That's one of the very reasons why half the shops are empty.
  7. Merry Christmas mate!


    All the best for 2020! :xmas:

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  9. Yup. Footsteps are stupidly loud especially with headset on. Hence why I run with Ninja. Some guy was doing that with a shotgun last night, and he was getting mega kill streaks. It's Modern Warfare. And this is how COD should be without the wall running shit. Honestly, I've found it fast paced depends on the type of matches you enter and what players you have. Noticed you don't really need a pistol in MP.
  10. It was coming when I left. I think consoles are a dying breed tbh. Glad I've made the switch. The amount of bullshit from Microsoft and Sony that feed their customers.

  11. I just throw grenades at them next time I see them My next troll is using my rocket launcher to destroy their UAVs Spec Ops > Zombies
  12. Yeh haha, I dip in now and again. Its quiet now though, no staff about, regulars as you say don’t post, shame really but it’s been coming for a year or so now.


    Hoping to pick the new CoD up this wkend, trying to finish up some other stuff first.

  13. Surprised you've hung around :p Along with some of the old people. Have noticed a lot have gone. I went as soon as I ditched console. I'm never going back.

  14. Just browsing to see if one was up yet... Honestly, I have nothing to complain about. Also, it's fun PC vs Console players
  15. 113gig install for PC users (well for me)... so yeah it is true. Good job I have a 4TB HDD.
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