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  1. I need these trophies below if anyone wants to get them with me? Finish a round in Matchmaking, Finish a Scramble match, Finish a Skins match PSN: SilentStorm2020 I already have invite only trophy but will help if you help me with these 3 trophies stated above.
  2. I need the capture 1 fnd base trophy as well but worried about it glitching the capture all bases trophy in singleplayer, does it effect that since were on different saves? PSN- SilentStorm2020 Whoever wants to do this, lets do a fnd base we both dont have for safety.
  3. Does it mess up capture all find bases on single player if I do 1 of the capture with a co-op person on here? Worried on it glitching the capture all bases trophy on single player. But do need this trophy.
  4. Needing help with all online trophies. Tried with randoms but they leave in middle of match. Some trophies you need 4 players and need help with those too. PSN: SilentStorm2020
  5. I have the Hades soundtrack if anyone wants to trade for that? let me know.
  6. If it does end up being predator, game is fun for a short period of time before it gets old quickly. The game is really limited. And the platinum is a nightmare to get/mind numbing boring. I got it tho but gonna sink endless hours in getting it If you do
  7. There announcing September ps plus on the 1st? Thought it works if been today.
  8. Where is stock gauntlet? I need to beat the trail in 15 seconds left on the clock. I remember doing that early in game but I beat the campaign and now in free roam and can’t find/remember where stock gauntlet is. Can anyone let me know please. One of my last trophies to get.
  9. From step 1, how can I tell when I’m at final encounter? It says when you get to that point you can mop up everything you missed. What I look for? And backup a save at that point?
  10. All trophies popped except for fully upgrade the equipment. Idk why that didn’t pop when i got all trophies on ps4. I open up my upgrade page and there still a lot of materials I need for my equipment to be fully upgraded…. How long will it take me to get it fully upgraded? Here is image of showing what I have.
  11. Trophy list showing yet? A few trophies popped but no list shows. Even when I sync it jus gives errors.
  12. Worth $20 or wait for bigger sale? It’s currently on sale for $20 right now
  13. Which dlc is better? Energy or Uproar? I’m thinking about getting one of them to grind towards the 1000 mile trophy. I don’t have turbo controller. I guess I’m still far away from trophy, completed everything else.
  14. Any missable trophies in wrath of the druids? Jus checking in case.
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