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  1. Not too challenging. The bow challenge took me a while until I realized that you could clear most of the targets by aiming at the metal plates for ricochets instead of the targets themselves. The boss rush after the game over was tricky, but I wasn't using magic throughout the game. But since the spell activation stops the timer, then using a spell like the rock summoning spell allows you to do damage while attacking normally. I got the S rank almost immediately after Also, since it remembers your level, you'll be able to cheese the early bosses anyway because they have low health compared to late-stage you. Every secret can be found easily except one. Since the "castlevania" map is completely filled in with no gaps, there's a glaring gap right in the center with no way to enter. You have to stand on the floor above that room and jump fifty times. After about 40, you'll see the floor shake, which lets you know you're close. Don't know how you're supposed to find this naturally.
  2. Got the platinum. The remainder trophies required a single-session. I needed 23 Supply bags, and ten deaths for their respective trophies to pop. (I needed 16 anti-virals, and 5 wins) Make sure you use up all your supply as that will drastically increase the odds of supply bags spawning on missions. (Seriously - I went from 3-4 at 800 supply, down to 1-2 an hour at 1200, and then with no supply: 12 an hour).
  3. I had a heck of a time with the collect 25 supply bag trophy. I figured it would be single sitting, (as some of the other trophies had proved, and was correct. Major Tip: Make sure you burn out all your supply on stuff before you start your run. It increases the odds of getting supply bags. Proof: When I started this trophy, I was collecting about 3-4 bags an hour, with full clears (Stopping at every stop). It was painful. Then my game crashed, and so I took a rest, knowing that I had to complete this trophy in a single setting. (This was at six hours in). When I was brave enough to try again, I went two hours and only collected three supply bags. The sudden drop in appearance had me realize that there must be some trigger for the lower appearance. I had over 1200 supply. I used it all up, and immediately got like 3-4 Supply on the very next run and it wasn't a full clear . I'd started at 8:45 AM, and finished the play at 1:35 PM. The first two hours were a waste, but the last two hours, I rocketed through the count. I needed 23 supply bags in total for my single session (so I don't know what caused it to count two in the first place). I had 18 and 8 in previous attempts. I needed all ten deaths in a single session for that trophy to count. Smaller tip: (I forget, will edit later - I had a second tip) Smallest tip: The trophy pops when you put the bag in the trunk, so you don't need to worry about travelling to the next area.
  4. Other than my glitched trophy, I'm clocking in 30 hours. I think the game is tricky to start, but the upgrades will even out the initial difficulty, and melee can overpower almost all enemies (Even the armored brawlers, which seems to be the intended strategy considering how tanky they are). If the supply bag glitch requires a single sitting, then a user will need to play for eight hours straight without a crash.
  5. Ugh, the game crashed twice. once at 1.5 hours, and then again when I was 6.5 hours into the session. I'm only able to find 3-4 Supply bags an hour. If the trophy requires a single session (because it's bugged), then you'll need 8-9 hours of persistent play. I found 7 in the first session, and 17 in the second. Considering that I've already 100% the game otherwise, I had hoped I wouldn't need all 25. Looks like I will, at least. I don't know any way to improve my odds of finding more bags other than search everywhere. I haven't found anything in cellars/caves/bunkers, so I can cross those off my list if they appear. It'll be a while before I try this again, probably.
  6. These are tips that I found useful for my playstyle. 1. Guns are helpful, but not as helpful as melee. Even the big brawler guys are way more vulnerable to melee than bullets. I literally didn't shoot bullets at all when I was clearing the runs (Even on tier 5 challenges) 2. Crouch and dodge rolling is the fastest way to move - because it does not attract zombies at the same rate as straight running. It also doesn't attract mounted-gun fire. 3. Weight is just a number. Most of my runs ended with 120 weight. 4. Melee, and mobility upgrades would then be the most important to target first. 5. Batteries should be used for anti-virals first. I found that having more health was almost always better for survival - although many of the virus upgrades are very useful. 6. You can melee brawlers. The attack will cause them to stumble. Make sure you leave enough stamina to dodge roll when they gesture to attack. The ones you see at the end of the game are just wearing armor, and stripping it off will make them vulnerable to damage. explosives will do the same, but I always had trouble using these properly. 7. Never buy gear insurance. 8. Since there's a safe house in each region, having the upgrade boxes in each one will drastically improve the chances of getting useful supplies that will also keep you from needing to scrounge as much for loot. (Which will save time, and health) 9. Never be afraid to just bail on an area if you end up pulling a horde or if it looks like a mess. You can even bail on an area if you don't have enough gas (as long as it is not zero) You'll run empty, and then have to play a mini-area for a can of gas which is usually not too bad to clear. These areas are very narrow, however, so you'll probably have to fight.
  7. After completing the game (post patch) I was left with four trophies to complete. 1. dying 10 times. 2. completing 5 runs 3. using 25 anti-virals. 4. Collecting 25 supply bags. I cannot confirm if these trophies will be issues for new players. However, I was able to complete the 5 runs and 25 anti-virals by grinding out a long session. I would have kept at it for the Supply Bags, but my game crashed and so I took a break. Also, just to test, I quit to the main menu (but I didn't close out the game). It did not interrupt the 5 runs counter. I also hit the home button (but didn't close out the game) and that also didn't interrupt the five wins. Alternatively, it might require 5 successful runs in a row (but I doubt it). After my fifth run, the trophy popped. Oddly, I got the anti-viral one on the 16th one, so there is a way to increase the counter traditionally. This was not a surprise, because both the anti-viral and supply bag trophies were collectible pre-patch, as some players (in the steam forums) reported that it triggered after collecting way more than the description required. The real problem would be the supply bags, as those do not necessarily spawn - even on a single run (which is rare). Best I can figure is that you just have to be thorough. I will update once I get the last two (probably on 3/25).
  8. The only trophies I haven't gotten yet are beating five runs, dying 10 times, taking 25 anti-virals and 25 supply bags. I'm pretty sure I've completed five runs since I started back up. It might require a new save file. Will update with progress.
  9. As I travelled to each area, the trophies for each popped now. I'm not sure if I have to collect 25 supply bags and 25 antivirals from scratch. Also the ten deaths and five wins might need to be additional. I deliberately stopped playing so that I wouldn't risk hitting lvl 100 and then blocking myself out of the collection, so I can't confirm if this patch resolves it for players who already got to lvl 100. All things considered, hunters should be fine to complete this game.
  10. I'm definitely going to hit 100+ hours to plat, but I'm not using ashes/co-op. Also, I'll probably take my time on New game plus. Beginning of the game was pretty rough going in blind - even as a series vet. But I also was slightly doing silly things anyway, that I knew were making my life difficult. Not going to rate yet.
  11. Yeah, it apparently does not affect PS4 copies. @Bushidoblaq I got my game from Bullmoose.
  12. My store said they had a few people mention the issue. Stops at 30.6gbs. They had a guide for the fixes, but I did all the steps to know success. Although one of the steps is "reset to factory defaults" which is the only thing I couldn't be assed to do. If someone wants to do that step, then god bless, but I've just returned the game and am not bothering for the moment.
  13. Rebuilding the database did not solve the issue: ce-108255. I contact my local store, and they said someone else was having a similar issue with ps5. They checked with the corp office, and it wasn't reported elsewhere - yet. Will update further...
  14. I purchased a physical copy of the Forbidden West to the PS5, but it crashes out after downloading to about 30.6 GB of data. I returned it to the store for another copy, and it has the same issue. I am able to install other games. I've tried cleaning the disk, and resetting the PS5 I figured I'd make a troubleshooting post in case I solve it and keep others from suffering the same problem.
  15. Update: The game designers have listed the issue on their list of things to fix. It's on their steam page. That's a good sign it'll be fixed.
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