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  1. So I’ve never played a mass effect game before. I am a disabled gamer I was just curious if I wanted to do it legit on insanity is it very very hard? I feel really old probably because I’m 48 but all those directions sound difficult LOL. Getting older sucks youngsters. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. As of April 22 outriders auto popped from PS5 to PS4.
  3. He lightspeed what kind of turbo controller do you use? I can’t find one that actually works. Thanks for your reply
  4. So I followed your Tips to a T and I was able to do the bike trials. I still cannot fly that plane which is a bummer as basically that’s all I have left for 100% platinum. Do you have any other tips/adjustments that can be made to make the plane fly any better?
  5. Can anybody give me any directions/guidance on how you manage to fly the airplane for the air spraying missions. I can’t believe the change in physics that they made with this DLC as the base game physics were pretty bad but at least you could control the plane. Any help/Hints please.
  6. Skill points bonus metals and weapons case how do you find them in fallen ghosts? In the base game Intel showed you where they are is it the same for fallen ghosts?
  7. I was just wondering if all of the mileage that is done can be done through multiplayer and solo mode? Or is it only solo mode only? Thank you.
  8. Well once I login today I will see if discovery is actually there. Thank you for the information much appreciated.
  9. So I have completed discovery A B and C races which I thought would pop the around the world trophy what am I doing wrong? Anybody know? Thank you.
  10. Bet nobody is complaining about how easy they are this time around! In fact I feel that they are on the opposite side and they are way too hard to escape especially when you get only three fixes! GTFO!
  11. I also noticed things unlocking today that I hadn’t through the entire career. And of course nothing was counted from before the patch . Why would codenovices want to retro active it.
  12. Nope 7 more invitationals left and I’m on gold level 5. Totally depends on how you drive.
  13. Nobody needs to worry about grinding through level 99. You are going to hit it through career progression especially if you are going for the platinum. I am level 74 and still have the Fernando Alonso category and half of the invitationals I’m not worried about any grind to get to level 99, now the mileage is different.
  14. Happened to me twice on autosport after the second time I didn’t go back and finish it!
  15. Has anybody tried the old rubber band trick?
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