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    Co-Host of Digital Fiasco. Check out our podcast at www.digitalfiasco.wtf
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  1. This didn't show up for me until I changed my meal quantity and variety to High, then it appeared immediately. Also, for the Common room snapshot, it didn't appear until the common room was actually being used. I converted most of my regime to free time, and it popped a few seconds later when people swarmed into the room.
  2. Hi, suggestion for your Mass Effect 2 insanity guide. You suggest to start a new game, but with the addition of Mass Effect 1 to the psn and all, you can use that end game, and import that character into mass effect 2. You get credits, minerals, and all those other nice things it seems (well, I did), and so far the game has still been doable...despite the AI not working as it should and all.

  3. Thanks so much for the Insanity guide and videos!! GREATLY appreciated!

  4. It's in the Ninth Legion Cyberfactory, after the sequence when you run away from the cybermen and activate the light bridges, you'll split up from River. Head up two levels and it will be on a ledge above the pipe. You'll have to go around to the other side of the platform, and just to the left of the next pipe up, you'll be able to climb up and to the left into the narrow passage above you. Crawl back around to the front of the platform and you'll have your last page.
  5. Your videos are most impressive. Thanks for taking the time to put those together. Great commentary.

  6. Thanks for the Mass Effect 2 Insanity guide, i got stuck at one part and after checking your guide got though it with ease. ;*

  7. Hi Are you going to be playing ME3 ? and if so Insane guide ?

  8. I saw your DR2OTR guide at .COM. Any chance of submitting it on here as well?


    Okay.. I guess the guide/resources, were made specifically for .COM. It would've definitely topped the current one. :(


    Oops, we got a second submission! It's a slight improvement from the previous.

  9. Thanks for your DR2 guide. Do you plan on doing a Dead Rising 2: Off The Record guide too?

  10. Thank you alot for your Dead Rising 2 guide, it´s awesome.

  11. There's a slight problem with your Dead Rising 2 guide. The link that you've given for the juice combinations comes up with page not found.

  12. cheers for the alpha protocol guide and singuarity guide. just wanted to say online breakdown is 17 and not 16 in singularity

  13. I'm just amazed with the ammount of views your ME2 Insanity Guide has gotten, speechless!

  14. Hey,

    I was just wondering if you were part of the guide team? If you're not, do you know anyone who is?

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