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    Pretty much done for 2021. Maybe 1000 trophies and >30 plats?

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  1. Thanks! That seems to be what happened with my Vita, haven't tried the PS3 yet.
  2. Thanks for the explanation guys! So if I did the 2FA-enabled account several years ago, there's nothing new now?
  3. It's interesting hearing people's lists and I'm glad they tried stuff they otherwise wouldn't and I don't want to take away from that. Personally a good chunk of stuff on your list I bought outright 'cuz I was interested in it, so I guess Plus really doesn't offer that for me. The few plus games I was iffy on and tried were mostly mistakes that I was better off skipping.
  4. Buy. $1.34 Cdn (Prob $1 US). I typically only sub to Plus for a month, right before the previous month's titles exit and after the new ones are announced. If there's enough there to interest me (and I can finish in a month) then I go for it. But that hasn't happened since they stopped offering Vita titles.
  5. Let it run out and renew when there's something you feel worth resubbing? (And then continue to work through the plus backlog) ----------------------------------------------------------- On topic - this month looks like nothing for me.
  6. This. You only need to pay attention early-game when you can't set up your city in the +/X 3 missle tower formation due to contaminated squares. Once you can make your city how you want it plays itself.
  7. I gave it a 2. Between Easy mode and the 999 Equipment exploit you should be able to coast through most of the game with little crafting effort. I didn't enhance anything nor have the best traits but still managed to get to the Light Elemental and beat the DLC boss required for the tent recipe. With my crappy equipment I got smoked by Light Elemental, but after checking an equipment guide and getting ailment resistant accessories it was easy. (Final character stats 400-500, HP >300). The difficulty of this game really depends how much post-game crafting you want to do. Just watch out for two things: missable trophies (Monica's event is unforgiving and easy to miss) and know that if you have the DLC patch you need the two DLC recipes for the "Master of Inspiration" trophy - one of them behind a decent boss. There's some nice DLC traits just lying around though... Awakening Courage, Tenacious Body, Speed of Light, Well Rounded, One Hit Kill, Power of Gods, Power to Destroy Gods, etc, etc that I think the DLC makes the game easier (and more fun in terms of crafting).
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