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  1. So, i play this game on ps5 right now and there are few really annoying bugs. Are you anyone else noticed? First annoying bug is, when i want to accept contract (only harvest) and if i press triangle (borrow items), then i get the contract. But when i press the square (accept contract), that contract just dissapear! So i cant harvest any other fields with my own items, because of this bug! Another really impressive and annoying bug happened to me today. I had active contract on field 43 (like on the first picture). Harvesting Oat. As you can see, i finish the field but i completed 16% of the Oat delivery! So when i finished the field, i was on 87% and i was done! So i had to cancel the contract and lost my hour, with some shitty Harvester, borrowed from the owner of the field 43 (because i cant accept the contract with my own items).. anyone noticed this bugs, or it is just my fcking life?
  2. can i play it with logitech lg29? (steering wheel)
  3. What i doing wrong? I can fill my watter tank, i can fill my sprayer (with water tower, or river). Nobody helps, game not give me option to fill it. Any ideas?
  4. Probably someone asked this question, but it here so many posts, so i ask it again.. What would i do, when i made some mistake in the making "all 8 friends survive"? Maybe i forget, or push the button too late.. i must play that game from begin? or i must repeat the chapter? is not some like "skip to the previous scene" and repeat it? thanks
  5. oh... I thought every type of premium towers has a secret fight so that towers will be named by "MK1 Klassic Tower" or something like that and not "MONKING AROUND" like my tower now? thanks, this really help me so now i just wait for another premier tower thank you!
  6. I have problem with "secret fight" trophy.. i played premier living tower twice and beat sixth opponent.. flawless victory and nothing.. first time i beat raiden in "final round" (third round) and after that i beat goro in second round (first round i won).. and nothing.. 2 weeks show me only sixth opponents premier tower, so.. can you help me? this week premier tower´s name is "MONKING AROUND".. thanks
  7. When i wearing a hounted mask at the end, when i want to defeat slappy, he´s not answering me the right question... he start with "You´re not Stine! What do you think you´re doing here?".. and my options are "Bold" or "Tricky".. every answer is death, so i cant earn this trophy to platinum... can you help me?
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