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  1. Looking to boost the hard trophies or all. PSN: RiskyDrake Timezone: GMT UK
  2. Looking to do the online trophy. PSN: RiskyDrake Timezone: UK GMT
  3. Want to do where did they go and other trophies. I am Rank 4 and doing this on the PS5 version. Need a full squad to pull this off. GMT PSN: RiskyDrake
  4. Looking to boost that online trophy. PSN: RiskyDrake GMT UK
  5. Want to boost all online trophies. PS4 version PSN: RiskyDrake Timezone: GMT UK
  6. Looking to boost Human Lover Trophy. PS4 version PSN: RiskyDrake GMT UK Region
  7. Want to do a Friend Recommendation trophy and group trophies. I 100% know i cant get the plat due to 1 trophy being glitched but want to get the remaining trophies. GMT UK PSN: RiskyDrake
  8. I need to do all the base and maybe dlc multiplayer trophies. Hopefully we can boost them. I am GMT UK PSN: RiskyDrake Put a message Max Payne 3
  9. Looking to boost all online trophies if possible as servers are closing. Im GMT UK PSN: RiskyDrake
  10. Hi looking to boost the cops and robbers dlc. That is all i have left. PSN: RiskyDrake Timezone: GMT UK
  11. Hi looking to squad up. I do have a few players but we need a strong team! I am GMT UK. Best time to go for this trophy is 6am till 10am that is when i am on mainly and its a little bit easier. If you make for that time that would be great! PSN: RiskyDrake
  12. Need to boost nearly all online and some other trophies that i can't do alone. PSN: RiskyDrake Timezone: GMT UK
  13. Want to get the raid missions done. I have the Samurai over rank 20 now going to work on Ronin. Add me: RiskyDrake Timezone: GMT UK
  14. Looking to do the 3 hour co-op trophy. Timezone: GMT PSN: RiskyDrake
  15. Hi looking to boost all online trophies. I have the UK version of the game as the game is Region locked! Timezone:GMT. PSN: RiskyDrake
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