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  1. Sorry for the slightly late post, got a msg to add my final total so here I am. Been a really slow few months for trophies for me, not been too arsed with hunting with all the craziness of everything going on this year. I did have a lil splurge today though to pass the time /distract from the lack of NYE parties. Sigh I missed you big bashes. Hopefully back by next year. +47 plats... I think that's right.. #333 - Norman's Great Illusion (EU) #334 - My Aunt is a Witch (EU) #335 - Dead Age (EU) #336 - YesterMorrow (EU) #337 - Snake Boat: Otterrific Arcade (EU) #338 - The Perplexing Orb 2 (EU) #339 - Hero Express (EU) #340 - The Language of Love (NA) #341 - The Mooseman (AS) #342 - Active Neurons 2 (EU) #343 - Road Bustle (EU) #344 - My Name is Mayo 2 #345 - Distraint 2 (NA) #346 - Peasant Knight (EU VITA) #347 - Mekabolt (EU VITA) #348 - Bouncy Bullets (EU VITA) #349 - Squareboy vs Bullies (EU VITA) #350 - Mochi Mochi Boy (EU VITA) #351 - Without Escape (EU VITA) #352 - Sound Shapes (EU VITA) #353 - Road Bustle (AS) #354 - Chickens On The Road (AS) #355 - 112th Seed (AS) #356 - Prehistoric Dude (AS) #357 - A Hero and a Garden (AS) #358 - Tamiku (AS) #359 - Zero Strain (AS) #360 - Golf Zero (AS) #361 - Birthday of Midnight (JP) #362 - Warlock's Tower (JP) #363 - Zero Strain (JP) #364 - Chickens On The Road (EU) #365 - DARQ #366 - One Finger Death Punch 2 (NA) #367 - No Thing #368 - Shady Part of Me #369 - Jet Set Knights (NA) #370 - Red Bow (EU VITA) #371 - Himno (EU VITA) #372 - Perils of Baking: Refrosted (VITA) #373 - Paradox Soul (EU VITA) #374 - Football Game (EU VITA) #375 - Super Wiloo Demake (EU VITA) #376 - Access Denied (EU VITA) #377 - Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior (EU VITA) #378 - Heroes Trials (EU VITA) #379 - Hoggy2 (EU VITA) *Last trophy earned 31st Dec 2020 👍* Cheers
  2. Error in the guide overview. It says 44 trophies but there are 32 trophies.
  3. I have no idea why this PST guide says 6-8 hour platinum, I got the platinum in 41 minutes.
  4. 2/10 difficulty. Very fun and very easy
  5. Well looky at this dashing new site! I tip my hat, colour me impressed!!!! Whoaaa am I still in top 3 here in this LB?! Holy hell that has shocked me alright I might start actually earning some platinums again then! 😄 +11 #322 - Projection: First Light (EU) #323 - Skatemasta Tcheco (EU) #324 - RogueCube (EU) #325 - A Tale Of Paper #326 - Golf Zero (EU) #327 - Tamiku (EU) #328 - Jet Set Knights (EU) #329 - A Hero and a Garden (EU) #330 - Zero Strain (EU) #331 - Twilight Path #332 - Chicken Police +1 #42 - Neighbours Back From Hell (NA) Thanks Ashbo 🙂
  6. God took me forever to find my last post to see what psn amount I was on (you got 2 dif numbers on first page ash so I didnt know) July 14th for my last 100% game +16 : #306 - Random Heroes: Gold Edition (EU PSTV) #307 - Tic-Tac-Letters by POWGI (EU PSTV) #308 - Word Maze by POWGI (EU PSTV) #309 - Crypto by Powgi (EU PSTV) #310 - Milo's Quest (EU PSTV) #311 - Zeroptian Invasion (EU PSTV) #312 - Metagal (EU PSTV) #313 - Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (EU PSTV) #314 - Super Weekend Mode (EU PSTV) #315 - Gravity Duck (EU PSTV) #316 - CASE: Animatronics (EU) #317 - 36 Fragments of Midnight (EU PSTV) #318 - Deep Space Rush (EU PSTV) #319 - Sigi: A Fart for Melusina (EU PSTV) #320 - Crossovers by POWGI (EU PSTV) #321 - Batu Ta Batu +2 : #40 - Tales from the Devil's Island.. #41 - Lithium (EU)
  7. waaaiiit a second how can you see gage's word for tomorrow... you can see into the future? i mean he's not even on ur team so surely your not in cahoots with the enemy hehehehehe yep thats def what he meant yep bets do datz
  8. hehehe yharz ok i feel satisfied, i can call quits on my yharz vendetta now
  9. Not entirely true mate all my trophies popped perfectly as and when they should of. Maybe there was a patch already.
  10. Actually its a guaranteed 5 minute platinum [ame] [/ame] You will find it in the NA psn store. It will be out in the EU and AS psn stores soon.
  11. Farewell fallen soldier!! ( ) Yea I had a 310 wobble too really wish I had prepped it as to get paparazzi in kona yesterday took me 7 n a half hours!! it was nearly the death of me lol Gonna smash all the other tiers nee bother though
  12. Great guide thank ya very much :applause:
  13. +34 : #272 - Robozarro (JP) #273 - Goosebumps: Dead of Night (NA) #274 - Blind Men (EU VITA) #275 - Lost Wing (EU) #276 - Memory Lane (NA) #277 - Lanternium (EU) #278 - Epic Word Search Collection (EU VITA) #279 - Prehistoric Dude (EU) #280 - Lost Wing (NA) #281 - Pity Pit (JP) #282 - 夜、灯す (JP) #283 - Ultra Hat Dimension (AS) #284 - Clash force (AS) #285 - Infliction (NA) #286 - Memory Lane (EU) #287 - Jack N' Jill DX (EU VITA) #288 - One Word by POWGI (EU VITA) #289 - Inksplosion (EU VITA) #290 - Super Destronaut DX (EU VITA) #291 - Word Sudoku by POWGI (EU VITA) #292 - Jisei (AS) #293 - FullBlast (EU VITA) #294 - The Path of Motus (EU) #295 - Midnight Deluxe (EU VITA) #296 - Daggerhood (EU VITA) #297 - Prehistoric Dude (NA) #298 - RogueCube (NA) #299 - Jump Step Step (AS) #300 - Tetra's Escape (EU VITA) #301 - Epic Word Search Collection 2 (AS) #302 - Fifty Words by POWGI (EU VITA) #303 - Drowning (EU VITA) #304 - Kona #305 - Road Bustle (NA) Cheers mate And with that I've now overtaken my last years score
  14. Lol! See ya slacker! Jokin, sad ta see ya go boss, ur troops will go on strong in ur honour :muscle: PS V errmurrgurrdd yaasssss i freaking LOVE Broad City so haaarrrrd
  15. 45 min plat pretty much guaranteed as you just have to do a certain amount of days and each day will take just a couple of minutes. The only thing that may give you a slightly shorter or longer plat time is just how fast or slow you are at doing the math sums in the minigames. but still pretty sure wont take anyone longer than an hour to plat.
  16. 2/10 difficulty. Very simple gameplay, just have a quick look at the guide for how to get all trophies then crack on
  17. 14 mins did you stop for lunch? both stacks took me 4 minutes this couldn't be easier, literally just match the pairs till plat pops at 20k, that is literally all there is to it ya gotta laugh really!
  18. yea exactly what sellers said, but i swear to god this does not seem unfair to me at all. literally at all. at. all. i think staff have gone mad lol. if youve signed for a club youve signed for a club n thats the end of that. blinkin simples. dumb point i think ur trying to make there. i guess we all see things differently. no bother on with the show.
  19. WAIT DID I JUST MAYO MYSELF lmao I remember when that was a insta-death rule in one of the events n i was fuckin out i was devo, it was the most amazing event rule ever! :rofl:
  20. Yeaa but those are clubs u had already signed for... which to me isn't unfair at all as u have already signed for them. So your not penalized... it's done already. To say u can sign again for a club u have already signed for would indeed be madness and youd get millions of submissions, that's a def hell no. So that's not what I'm saying here. Medals for an event are for completing and signing to a club... that is what I have done! There is no tomfoolery I just have never looked t clubs before! I think... alls fair in love and war lol Also it seems less like 'unfair' n more like something like... envy, lol, no? like if I was to say "oh I wish I hadnt already played mayo so I could use it for the 120m dash" ya see what I mean Iv just never ever looked at clubs, I have never signed for a single one. To be honest I should have a proper look as I've completed about 900 games there must be some I'm eligible for Ps sorry pricey lol :)
  21. All I'll say is... I dont know why it wouldnt be fair You can only sign to a club once, not like you can get multiple credit. I completed DX this month, yea a stack, but I never signed to the club. Tell u what isn't fair priceys shitweazel new account permitted to RE-SPAM ALL the ezpz hes already bought and played since the beginning of time yea I said it lol Lol it's fine its fine :rolleyes:
  22. lol ah well, gotta try hey hehe my response from sellers a while back was *decision pending* so i thought hell I'll just sub n try my luck
  23. Hahaa I love this post, the comments and image Thank you guys I was wondering if anyone would be nice and 'pay respects' ......instead of stone cold ignoring it like Alindawyl ...it was just such a long time that I do feel like I need to grieve now lol Good luck everyone! And make sure you all just beat Alindawyl don't let him win lol
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